Behind the scenes Eventix is working on the future of online ticketing.
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    Fit to your organization's needs

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    STEP 1:

    Create and manage your event on the Eventix website.

    Total freedom to configure your ticket shop
    24/7 insight in statistics and analysis of your sales.
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    STEP 2:

    Sell tickets via your own website or Facebook page.

    Quick and safe payments via the different payment possebilities provided.
    Users don't need an account to buy tickets, while you still collect the same information.
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    STEP 3:

    Scan tickets at the door using a smartphone.

    Unlimited amount of scanners.
    Scan faster than with traditional barcode scanners.

With service costs of only € 1 per ticket we are proud to be low-priced!

Eventix offers a complete ticketing system for all kinds of events.

maak een evenement aan 1: Create your event through the website
verkoop e-tickets 2: Sell tickets online
scan tickets met je smartphone 3: Scan the entry tickets at the entrance
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A successful event!

General Features


Eventix is a low-cost ticket service provider delivering a quality service at a competitive price. We even guarantee the lowest service costs per ticket! Most events forward the service charges to their customers, making our service essentially free for event organizers.

Personal Dashboard

Through the dashboard we provide 24/7 insight in statistics and full control. For example, you can create different types of tickets, an add fields for your visitors to fill in when walking through the process of ordering tickets. Setting up your ticket sales takes only 2 minutes, right there from behind your PC.

Simple and Reliable

User-experience is one of our focus points. Our ticket shop is pretty and intuitive, while we provide the freedom to the organization to style the design and integrate the shop in their own website and Facebook page. Also we resend all ordered tickets on the day of your event, so no more lost tickets, and printing isn't necessary. We can scan right of the screen. Also for help, support is always available; & .

Features especially for

Weekly payments

In contrast to other ticketservice providers you can expect a weekly payout of revenue out of your ticket sales. So you’ll be able to pay your expenses before the event.


Scanning tickets is done fast and easy through the Eventix smartphone application for android and iOS devices Download the app through the app/play store, and scan your visitors’ tickets at the entrance; unlimited scanners, faster than those old fashioned barcode scanners.

On- and offline

With the usefull cashregister module you’ll be able to sell tickets offline, emailing an e-ticket to visitors that pay with offline means such as cash or pin. Since there is no online transaction involved, we don’t charge service costs for offline sales.

Scalable servers

10.000 orders within a minute? No problem for our scalable service. Our systems are hosted on scalable cloud servers that automatically scale processing capacity according to the request. So you don’t have to worry about you tickets shop going offline at peak moments.

Extensive data analysis

Track from where your visitors are coming and connect this data to your marketing campaign. This is just an example of the data analysis possibilities of the Eventix ticketing system. Apply a broad selection of filters on the live data generated through your ticket sales and find out how to increase your conversion rate and strengthen your marketing impact.

Marketing tools

With the tracking tools and social plugins provided in the ticketing system you’ll be able to measure in detail the effect of your AdWords and social media campaigns. We offer the possibility to create a larger social impact with our ‘virality’ and ‘ambassador’ tools.

Seat selection

Theatres, and cinemas can use our seat selection systems offering visitors to choose a seat in the process of ordering tickets. Using the seating-creator tool, event organizers are able to design their seat plans for each theatre hall. Of course the seat selection makes sure selected seats are adjoined, and no gaps are left.

Help with cancellation

When a show is cancelled this often gives a lot of hassle. Someone will have to make phone calls to all the visitors to inform them of the cancellation. We’ve just automated this process for you. When a show is cancelled we automatically send out phone calls with a voice message. Unanswered calls are retried at a later time until everyone is informed.

Shopping cart style

Instead of a ticket service that sells separate tickets visitors can pay for a selection of multiple tickets for different events at once. Via the shop you can also sell subscriptions and give discounts through discount codes that you can set.