Your ticket to a sold-out event

Features tailored to your event

A complete toolbox of features for successful marketing, management, ticket sales and growth of your event. Explore the different possibilities below. All features are available for all types and sizes of events .

Seamless integrations

Eventix integrates easily with any platform. Connect with preset plugins of industry leading web services or build on top of our open API. To read more about building custom integrations check out our API documentation .

Step 1 Create your event within minutes

Realise the full potential of your event by getting started.

Create your event in the Eventix dashboard or import it directly from Facebook. You will be able to customise your event to the liking of your visitors entirely. The experience you provide will start at the creation of your event itself.

Step 2 Sell your tickets on- and offline

A fully customisable and user-friendly ticketshop. Try it out yourself!

When visitors order tickets through your ticketshop, they can do so within a few taps on their smartphones. Your shop can be customised in many ways, including a custom design, adding your Facebook like button and any number of unique tickets.

Step 3 Easy scanning makes fast queues

Scan up to a thousand tickets per scanner, per hour!

With our Eventix app, available for Android and iOS, every smartphone can become a scanner, therefore you will never run out of devices to scan with. The scan-app is straightforward, easy to use and features full customer support.


Step 4 Use data to boost your sales

Get to know your audience and discover what they love.

Your ticket sales generates a lot of data. This data gives keen insights for marketing, sales and strengthens the personal bond between you and your visitors. Measure conversions and track the return on your marketing investment so you can improve your strategy. Many possibilities await, let your event grow.