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Frequently Asked Questions

The most questions our users have are answered below. Isn’t your question listed? The feel free to contact us and ask us your questions in person.

Frequently asked questions by visitors

If you haven’t received your tickets within half an hour after placing your order, and there has been money deducted from your account you can follow the steps below.

  1. Check your spam/junk folder. We do our best to make sure tickets are sent to the inbox, however sometimes people have strict spam-filters that place the mail containing the link to your tickets to the junk folder.

  2. If you still can not find your ticket(s) you can retrieve them via this page using your transaction-ID. The transaction-ID is a 16 character ID, consisting of letters and numbers. An example of a transaction-ID is shown in the image below.

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    Image 3. Example of a Payment ID

You may, but you don’t have to. You can also display the QR code of a digital ticket(s) from the screen of your phone. Make sure you have enough battery. It often happens that people appear at the entrance with an empty phone claiming they have a ticket but can’t show it because of a dead battery.

On this page you can search for the event you are looking for. Select an event and you will be redirected to the ticketshop.

Eventix has different types of customers with different types of questions. That’s why we have separate sections with frequently asked questions for both visitors and event organizers.

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