Raise the curtain for our new Eventix blog

Hello, thank you for the applause and welcome to our first blog. Here we will provide you with the latest and greatest insights while showing you the future of ticketing, event organising and online marketing.

Yep, wildly interesting stuff is happening at Eventix. But not many people seem to know.

So we thought it was time for a proper introduction. Starting with me, Wesly. Currently working as the copywriter and communication strategist for Eventix while also writing my thesis for graduation. Yet somehow I still find time to update you through these blogs. Aren’t you lucky?

Eventix is a professional, young and exceptionally flexible company. Our team is on top of the newest progressions in ticketing, online marketing and the organising of events. This way, we can provide you with any help you need while letting you enjoy carefree ticketing.

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As an overenthusiastic intern, I will be your guide. And together, we will brave the depths of big data to the peaks of social media tracking. Especially for you, I will write a new blog every week.

Are you as excited as I am?

Probably not, but that might change when you read about the topics to come. Think of finding the perfect social media post, how to personalize the bond with your visitors and much, much more.

Please, let us know what you think, feel, want or need. We love hearing from you guys and the input you provide.

Wishing you warmth and joy,

The Eventix team and me

Announce your ticket sales on Facebook with this nifty new feature

The introduction of Eventix blogs is something we have been working on for quite a while. Next monday, our first official blog will be released. However, I simply could not wait to share this feature with you. So just think of this blog as a teaser for our upcoming content, okay?

So what is the new Facebook feature about?

Well, promoters saw reducing traffic and engagement on Facebook while no one really knew why. After a bunch of updates to the Facebook Platform, our beloved Facebook Event feature received an update.

For most event promoters, their Facebook Event is the main source of traffic to their ticket shops. This traffic is generated thanks to the ticket shop link shared at the Facebook event. Starting this week, it is possible to add a starting date of ticket sales to your Facebook Event page.

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Pro Tip: Always use a tracking URL! With a tracking URL, you are able to track clicks, conversions, tickets sold and turnover per link. You can create tracking links in the Eventix dashboard under Tools.

How can you add this new feature to your Facebook event?

1. Go to your Facebook event or create a new Facebook Event
2. Go to Event Settings and tickets.
3.Select custom date and set the start of your tickets sales

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After you saved your Facebook event settings, you are ready. Everyone who sees your event in their timeline will directly see when ticket sales are starting as seen in the example below.

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That about covers the feature, if you would like more information do not hesitate to contact us.

We are looking forward to our official blog release next monday! Try to act surprised will you?

Until next time friends

Which topics do you think we should cover? Let us know!