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How to automate your marketing with our templates in Zapier

Andy Greenwood

We’re very proud to present our first three Zapier automation templates. Zapier is a service that provides automation among various applications, whereby a specific trigger will cause particular actions to occur. We’ve had a connection with Zapier for a few years now, but since recently we’ve been able to provide some standard templates that you can use to manage your customer base easily.

Currently, we have three templates that you can use to automate your marketing processes. Below, we’ll explore what each of our templates does and how you can use them to your advantage. We’re always expanding our capabilities, so we expect to add more templates in the future.

How does Zapier work?

Essentially, Zapier ensures that time-consuming manual processes are automated. You select a trigger, which causes an action to be taken by either the same program or another - this process is called a ‘zap’.

Any information that visitors enter when they place an order can be sent to the various platforms that you use, such as a spreadsheet in Google Drive, a client base in HubSpot or a mailing list in MailChimp.

These automations can save you an incredible amount of time as you’ll instantly be able to use all the data gathered across the various platforms. Most importantly, you don’t need any experience with programming to understand how to work Zapier; the program is easy to use and very light on jargon.

What triggers does Eventix have in Zapier?

Eventix currently has two triggers that you can use to start automation:

  • New Order: This trigger is engaged when an order is paid.
  • Ticket/Order Cancel: This trigger is activated when an order or ticket(s) are cancelled.

Our templates are built on the ‘New Order’ trigger, but you can easily create a custom zap using ‘Ticket/Order Cancel’ to be kept up-to-date about any cancellations.

How do I find the Eventix templates on Zapier?

To find the Eventix templates, you’ll need to navigate to Zapier’s website and log in to your account (or create one for free). In the search bar at the top of the screen, type in ‘Eventix’.

zapier automation marketing template

Once you’re on the page, scroll down to the “Connect Eventix to 2,000+ Apps” section and you’ll see our three templates with the “Try it” button beside them.

zapier automation templates marketing

Zapier templates

1. Add new Eventix ticket buyers to MailChimp mailing lists

We have an entire series of blogs dedicated to the idea that direct mailing is still relevant and effective in this day and age, so it only follows that we should put our money with our mouth is. There are several ways to create MailChimp mailing lists, the most common of which is to export your customer base as an excel or CSV-file and upload it to MailChimp.

However, our template in Zapier provides an alternative to this by granting you the option of automatically adding information about your clients to your MailChimp mailing list, including the event name and a tag for each subscriber. This template ensures that your mailing list is always up-to-date and properly sorted.

marketing automation templates zapier mailchimp

In our Help Centre, we also have a guide that explains how to easily create an even more advanced version of this ‘zap’. Find out how to use Zapier to automatically narrow down your audience with tags.

Log new Eventix orders to Google Sheets spreadsheets

This is another ‘zap’ building off the idea of directly processing information about a new order to another program. In this case, the program in question is Google Sheets. Doing this makes it possible to create a customer base file directly in your Google Drive. Each new order is added directly to the spreadsheet, making it easy to manage.

Why would you want this? Well, there are all sorts of really useful things you can do with visitor information!

zapier marketing automation template google sheets

Notify Slack channels of new orders in Eventix

We know that some people like to keep track of completed orders as they come in. In fact, that’s the reason we added live notifications to our Dashboard, which gives you a “ka-ching” sound each time a ticket is sold. You can turn this feature on and off in the dropdown menu in the top-right corner of the Dashboard.

If you and your team share Slack, you can use Zapier to send a notification to a channel each time you sell a ticket. Just keep in mind that if you’re hosting a large event, the channel will probably flood with notifications during peak sales, so it may be better to create a channel solely for these notifications.

zapier marketing templates slack

What else can you do with Zapier?

These templates only scratch the surface of the level of automation you can achieve by using Zapier. If you’re in any way interested in what else Zapier has to offer, you can have a look at our instructions on how to add new leads to HubSpot, for instance, or perhaps read how to create a basic ‘zap’ so you can start creating your own zap’s from scratch.

If you have any further questions about the use of Zapier, or if you have any feedback, please let us know by sending an email to info@eventix.io.

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