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Corona FAQ Updates - Live

Andy Greenwood


Message #4: Update (24-03-2020)

The Dutch government has produced a thick new package of new measures to help tackle the coronavirus. The earlier measures are being expanded on, and sadly that has consequences for the events industry.

Whereas events of up to 100 visitors were permitted until the 6th of April, this measure is being tightened. As of yesterday, all events - regardless of the number of visitors - have been banned until the 1st of June.

Due to these measures, many of you will need to cancel or reschedule events. Naturally, we’ll help you in handling this to the best of our ability. Below, we’ve presented a few options in an attempt to expedite these processes.

Step 1:

Starting at 16:00 tomorrow, you’ll be able to select how you would like to process refunds per event. You can do this by going to ‘Manage’ and clicking on ‘Events’.


Option 1: Refund Event - Possibility to donate.

The first option is to cancel your event and to offer your ticket buyers a refund with the possibility of making a donation. You set an end date until which visitors can choose whether or not to donate a portion of their order amount. Eventix is developing this and will send ticket buyers an email describing the feature and inviting them to donate, starting 12:00 on Monday the 30th of March. Organisers will still be able to use this feature after the 30th of March, in that case, the email to ticket buyers will be sent once the feature is selected by the organiser. Donations can be accepted up until the end date selected by the organisers. If the ticket buyer doesn’t enter anything, then the order will automatically be treated as a full refund. Once this date has expired, a balance will be made of the total sum to be refunded.

Option 2: Refund event - No possibility to donate.

Using this option does not allow the possibility to donate. A sum will be made of the total amount to be repaid, straight away.

Option 3: Reschedule event - Possibility to request a refund.

The third option is to reschedule your event. When you reschedule, visitors who are unable or unwilling to attend the new date can request a refund. Eventix is currently developing this feature and - starting at 12:00 on Monday the 30th of March - we will send ticket buyers a descriptive email with a link to the form through which they can request a refund. Organisers can still use this feature after the 30th of March, in that case, the email to ticket buyers will be sent once the feature is activated. Ticket buyers can only request refunds up to the end date selected by the organiser. Once this date has expired, a balance will be made of the total sum to be refunded.


The sum to be refunded needs to be made available to us first. To make this happen as quickly as possible we’ll share a payment link with the organiser. Once the payment has been made, we’ll begin refunding your ticket buyers.

Once the link has been paid, it will take between 3-5 working days before your customers will have their money on their accounts. Sadly, we have no control over this process once the refunds are complete.

Caution 1: Communicate the process clearly with your visitors. The emails we send in options 1 and 3 are NOT a replacement for the communication between the organiser and their visitors.

Caution 2: When cancelling an event, make sure to take the ticket sales offline. You can do this by removing the tickets from the shop. We explain how to add and remove tickets here:

Legal Framework:
“In the case of force majeure, such as now, an event organiser has the right to reschedule an event. Despite the force majeure, the visitor has the right to a refund. The event organiser is legally obliged to refund the money when a visitor requests it but does not have to offer it themselves.”

Message #3: Update (12-03-2020)

We’ve just received news that all events in the Netherlands, with over 100 visitors that are taking place between now and the 31st of March, must be cancelled. Due to these developments, we’re expanding our FAQ for organisers:

If you have any further questions, please use the chat. Due to the sheer number of questions, we won’t be able to address everyone by telephone. Your question will be answered more quickly via the chat.

I have sold more than 100 tickets, what are my options?

Option 1: Is it possible for you to ‘downsize’ your event, and allow it to continue with a maximum of 100 visitors? In that case, we could conduct specific refunds for the visitors that won’t be able to make it. Make sure to clearly communicate this to your visitors - and contact us as soon as you know which visitors need to be refunded.

Option 2: Reschedule your event. Given the situation, you could choose to reschedule your event. A visitor doesn’t have to agree with the new date and has the right to be refunded.

Before planning a new date, we recommend proposing the plans to your visitors first. You can do this through an online form (such as Google Forms).

Example Google Form ‘Rescheduling event’

By following this link you can find an example of a form. Caution! This is an example, do not share it with your visitors. You can make your own Google Form for free.

Besides this, ask the visitors who won’t be able to make it to the newly proposed date whether they want a refund. Visitors can request a refund for their order by entering their ticket number (beginning with ‘TFE’ and located under the QR-code on the ticket) in the form.

Make sure to set a final date until which the form can be submitted. After the date has passed, we can start processing the refunds. At that point, you can contact us through the chat in our Dashboard. We only process refunds once, so make sure you send us a complete overview of the payments that need to be refunded.

Option 3: The most common option is to cancel your event and refund your visitors. In this case, it’s customary to conduct a full refund. If this is the route you would like to take, please contact us through the chat in our Dashboard. If you have any questions about the sum that needs to be refunded, you can ask us about it in the chat.

Can Eventix help me to carry out the refunds?

Yes! Of course, we’ll help you carry out the refunds. Contact us through the chat in our Dashboard as soon as you know who needs to be refunded. We’ll make sure that the calculated payouts are returned to us. Once we’ve received these payouts, we can start refunding. Visitors will have the money (back) on their accounts after five days.

If I have to conduct refunds, I’ll go bankrupt. What now?

It’s not in a visitor’s interest for an organiser to go bankrupt and be unable to refund anybody. If this is the case, have a conversation with your visitors and offer them an alternative (free entrance to the next editions, for example). You could also offer to refund a part of the ticket price. If everyone agrees to this, you can save your event, whereas the visitor only needs to be partially refunded.

Message #2: Update (11-03-2020)

Together with Taylor Wessing, law firm, we took a deeper dive into the questions that organisers have. You can find the article here (Dutch).

Message #1 (27-02-2020):

Tonight, the NOS and NU.nl reported that a Dutch citizen has been infected by the coronavirus. We understand that in light of this information you may have questions relating to what you should do with regards to your (ongoing) ticket sales. As your visitors will have many (similar) questions, we wanted to answer them in this article.

Can my event continue?

Internationally, a number of events have already been cancelled or restricted due to the virus - the Venetian carnival, for instance. At the time of writing (27-02-2020), the Dutch government (RIVM) has not yet issued any statements regarding the cancellation of events. Therefore, we recommend you do not cancel your event. Keep an eye on the RIVM website for up-to-date information.

What are my visitors' rights?

When an event is cancelled, visitors have the right to a refund by the organiser. However, if the government compels an organiser to cancel an event because of an epidemic, this is a form of force majeure. Force majeure is often mentioned in an organiser's terms of service as a reason not to refund a visitor, and to reschedule the event. Dutch consumer-law on the other hand does say that if the product is not delivered, the seller has refund if the visitor asks for a refund.

Eventix allows you to add your own terms of service to your ticket shop, which the visitor must agree to before making a purchase. You can read how to do that here.

I don't have/haven't had any terms of service in my ticket shop, what now?

Your terms of service don't necessarily need to be included in your ticket shop and accepted by your visitors. The law states that your terms of service must be made available to the public. More specifically; the consumer needs to have a clear opportunity to read the terms of service before making a purchase. It's sufficient to have your terms of service available on your website alone. If you don't yet have any terms of service for your event, then we strongly urge that you compile them and make them publicly available.

Can a ticket buyer claim the "14 day withdrawal period for online purchases" or the so-called "Buying at Distance Law"?

Events and leisure activities are included in a category of exception within the Buying at a Distance Law. As it is an exception, you don't need to refund a visitor if they ask for it. If you would like to refer to a source while in correspondence with a visitor, you can use this article (Dutch) by the Authority for Consumers and Markets.

Am I insured as an organiser, and if so, what am I insured for?

Some insurers pay out when the government forces you to cancel an event. The proceeds from ticket sales as well as any other costs accrued in relation to the event should be (partially) covered. However, if the cause is a nationwide epidemic, this could possibly fall outside of your (event) insurance. Make sure to contact your insurer, if you have one, and check what they do or do not cover.

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