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Creative solutions by organisers

Tjeerd Leendertse

This new reality demands imaginative action. Fortunately, we see collaborations emerging all around us, as well as help being offered, left and right. On top of that, we're seeing new and creative ways of keeping visitors involved. How do you do that? How do you come up with creative solutions to these problems? And what initiatives are out there already?

The creative solutions during the coronavirus

There are all sorts of solutions; initiatives to keep visitors involved and to keep the flow of money running a little. In the blog, we name three initiatives.

  1. The voucher offered by BASIS
  2. The home festival organised by SMÈRRIG
  3. The Gold Card offered by Papi Chulo

The Voucher offered by BASIS

BASIS is a household name in Utrecht and the surrounding area. The club lives and breathes house and techno and demonstrates this by hosting weekly parties. Now that quite a number of these shows sadly had to be cancelled, BASIS has found a creative way out; the voucher.

Maar what is a voucher? A voucher is a coupon of sorts, which can replace the money to be refunded by an organiser. The voucher has a value in credit that can be spent at a later date. How did the idea come about? What is the guarantee of a voucher? Joost Holthuizen, co-owner of BASIS, explains:

''The idea came about thanks to a combination of brainstorming and necessity. Also, and perhaps most importantly, we don't want to leave our loyal visitors out in the cold. BASIS created this voucher to keep their visitors involved. Visitors can purchase this voucher and once we’ve opened our doors again, they can redeem it at an edition of their choice.''

basis voucher corona solution creative

“...we don't want to leave our loyal visitors out in the cold.” - BASIS

Loyal visitors can purchase a voucher, but what about all the visitors who bought tickets before the pandemic? In the Netherlands, certain hashtags have been gaining traction on social media, such as hashtags used by visitors who have bought a ticket for a cancelled event and don’t want or need a refund. Besides that, we at Eventix launched the donate option, which allowed visitors to donate (a portion of) their ticket value when requesting a refund. How does BASIS deal with this?

"Instead of a ticket, visitors who have purchased access to an event, will receive exactly the same voucher as visitors who purchase a voucher now. This voucher can be redeemed at a later edition of choice. By offering everyone the same voucher, everyone has an equal chance of attending future editions."

You can also use the creativity and ingenuity with which BASIS has come to a solution (if you haven’t already so, of course). Does BASIS have any further tips for other organisers?

“The most important tip I can give you is: ‘Consult with your ticket provider, and together look at what you can offer your visitors.”

It’s true that open discussion is important in this day and age, as it helps to prevent miscommunication, wrong assumptions and irritation. Two are better than one, after all. But, can we expect more inventive eye-openers on the part of BASIS?

“Last weekend we started live streaming from our club. By using live streaming we can bring BASIS to your living room. Besides that, we’re trying out a couple of other ideas, but these aren’t certain enough to say anything meaningful about yet.”

The home festival organised by SMÈRRIG

SMÈRRIG (pronounced smare-ruhg) is a “filthy dirty party” which is the brainchild of Koninkrijk van Muziek (a Dutch bureau for artists/events) that organises parties in and around Brabant. What is their idea? What can visitors expect? Why organise a home festival? Jesseh Groote Woortmann, head of the production for Koninkrijk van Muziek, gives us some answers.

smerrig home festival creative solution live stream

How did the idea of organising a home festival come to be?

“We wanted to encourage our audience. We probably won’t see each other in the pub, the club or on a field for quite some time. Still, we wanted to bring SMÈRRIG to the peoples’ living rooms, which resulted in ‘At home with SMÈRRIG’: the live stream that will be playing on your Friday night. Once we came up with this idea, we wanted more. That’s how the small-scale live stream quickly became an XL edition.”

Great! Nice to see you're thinking bigger so quickly. But the first thing that popped into my mind when I saw the event on Facebook was: ''What does a home festival look like? How do you organise it?''

“The ‘At Home with SMÈRRIG’ Festival is a digital festival. It will consist of several stages, just like a normal festival. These stages are each inspired by the rooms of a house, such as The Bedroom, The Living Room and The Cellar. Each room has its own decoration and musical interpretation.”

"The festival and the various rooms can be visited through live streams. There will be a landing page where the visitor can go to different stages. We also want visitors to still be able to talk to each other. For that, we use the comment section. Striking quotes, stories and comments will even be shown on screen. For instance, it could be very quiet at the bar and of course, everyone should be aware of that. After all, a quiet bar, even at a home festival, isn’t an option."

That’s quite a mission! Are you organising this alone, or are you getting help from other groups?

"We’re organising this through Koninkrijk van Muziek and are working together with Unlimited Vision & Sound. To host the rooms, we’re working together with groups that are close to us and that we would like to put in the spotlight. To offer some diversity at the festival we’ve chosen for Donny Summer Danspaleis and a mix of WEEKS and Crush."

"Through our home festival, we’re trying to be a glimmer of light in the darkness.” - SMÈRRIG

How can visitors provide (financial) support, even if they don’t have a ticket?

“The idea didn’t start with the intention of making money, we’re really doing this for the visitors. They’re also in a bit of a bizarre situation and through our home festival, we’re trying to be a glimmer of light in the darkness. During the festival, visitors will be able to donate, but we don’t want to lay too much emphasis on this. We mainly hope that the visitors don’t forget about us and that we’ll be able to see each other soon during a club night, stage hosting or one of our festivals.”

‘Visitors’ don’t have to buy tickets. So in short, you’re building up expenses without any guarantee of income, so why organise a festival?

“You’re right in that organising a festival costs time and money, but we’ve made clear agreements with our partners. The most important thing is that we do this so our visitors can still have festival experience.”

Aren’t you afraid that ‘visitors’ are going to go looking for each other to celebrate?

“We’re not really scared, but it is difficult. Most visitors don’t go to a festival alone, and even a stream is more fun with friends. But we regularly remind people to follow the measures laid out by the government. Of course, the reason we do this is so we can get back to a ‘real’ festival more quickly."

Can we expect more from SMÈRRIG soon?

“In these crazy times, you often need to change gear quickly, but luckily we’ve noticed that our creativity isn’t drying up. We keep coming up with new ideas; some make it to implementation, and others don’t, sadly. We’re not going to reveal anything about our next initiative just yet. But keep an eye out for more information soon!”

papi chulo gold card live stream online

The Gold Card by Papi Chulo

Papi Chulo is a travelling event and has launched a Gold Card. We spoke with Daniël Kingma, owner of Papi Chulo.

How did you come up with the idea?

“You’re in the middle of a crisis and you need to come up with something to keep the stream of money coming in. We noticed that one of the clubs that we do hostings in was offering Gold Cards (even before the coronavirus outbreak).

Okay, so say I’m a visitor and I purchase a Gold Card, what can I do with that Gold Card?

“You can come to all our events for an entire year. Hostings aren’t included in this. The Gold Card is valid from the moment that the country gives the green light to organise events (we organise in multiple countries). Besides this, you get a 10% discount on all our merchandise."

"With a Gold Card, you also become a member of our Gold Member Group that we like to raffle things in, every now and then.”

That’s quite a lot! And what about visitors who bought tickets before the coronavirus outbreak? Can they use their ticket to get a discount on their Gold Card?

“That’s a good one! That isn’t the case at the moment, but I’ll contact Joost (our CEO) or Max (our Customer Success Director) and see what we can do about that.”

EVENTIX TIP: Contact us!

If you have a question or an idea and you want to know what’s possible, feel free to contact us and we’ll look at what we can do.

How is the sale of Gold Cards going?

“It’s enough to put a small smile on our faces, but it’s a lot less than the ticket sales of a ‘normal’ event.”

“It’s not about how hard you fall, but how quickly you get back up” - Papi Chulo

That’s nice, every little bit helps of course! Can we expect more from you guys soon?

“Yeah, because sitting still isn’t an option. It’s not about how hard you fall, but how quickly you get back up. Live streams and different packages have been mentioned and discussed, but it’s not concrete yet. You want to be the first one with an idea, to have the scoop on a solution. What I can say for now is: Keep an eye on our socials!”

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