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Eventix Essentials: Donations

Tjeerd Leendertse

Every little bit helps. Every donated euro helps the events industry. Besides organisers, everyone involved with the event benefits, such as artists, production partners and freelancers. We want to offer visitors the opportunity to support their favourite events by giving them the option to donate. You can read how the donation option works on the blog!

Donations and refunds when an has been cancelled or rescheduled

Rescheduling or cancelling an event takes a lot of work. Communicating with your visitors, discussing consequences with involved parties and answering questions (or requests) by visitors. We’ve added a new feature when it comes to the administrative processing of purchased tickets: the donation. Visitors that want to support organisations can donate a percentage of the purchase price of their ticket.

How does donating work?

When an event is cancelled or rescheduled, the organiser has the choice of whether he or she wants to make use of the option to donate. When an organiser decides to include donations in their administrative processing, visitors will receive an email about how they can donate. Below you’ll find the options available to the organiser. Furthermore, the organiser can decide what percentages of the purchase price can be donated.

EVENTIX TIP: Communicate with your visitors

Communicate the choices you make and inform your visitors about the things he or she can do. The emails we send are in support of the communication between the organiser and the visitor, but not a replacement of it.

What options does Eventix offer an organiser when an event is cancelled?

When an event is cancelled, an organiser has two options: Complete refunds without donations, or complete refunds with donations.

1. Complete refunds without donations:

If an organiser decides not to use the option to donate, we will automatically refund all visitors.

2. Complete refunds with donations:

If an organiser decides to allow the option to donate, visitors will receive an email from Eventix about how they can donate. First, an organiser decides what the final date is until which donations can be submitted. Once this date has expired, it will no longer be possible to donate, and the remaining amount will be refunded to the visitor(s).

What options does Eventix offer an organiser when an event is rescheduled?

When an event is rescheduled, organisers have the same options as in the case of an event being cancelled. The big difference being that the visitors can disagree with the new date and can request a refund.

1. Rescheduling without the option to donate

Visitors who disagree with the new date can request a refund. When a refund is requested, the visitor will be refunded the full purchasing price, and their existing order will be invalidated.

2. Rescheduling with the option to donate

Similar to above, visitors can disagree with the new date selected by the organiser, except now they have the option to donate while requesting a refund. The organiser can set a final date until which any refund requests or donations can be submitted. Once this date has expired, the option to request a refund or donate will disappear.

Once the final date for submitting refund requests and donations has passed, the visitor will have accepted the new date, and we hope they enjoy themselves at the event.

Why donations rather than vouchers?

At the moment of writing (30th of March 2020), visitors have the right to a refund when an event is rescheduled, according to Dutch law. Legally speaking, visitors can request a refund up to three weeks after the announcement that an event has been rescheduled. A visitor can request a refund, but an organiser isn’t actually obligated to offer refunds.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate is researching the possibilities of a ‘voucher system’ (link in Dutch). Once vouchers have been cleared as a legal method of refunding, we’ll take this into consideration when developing our features.

Do you have a question about tickets, donations or refunds? Send us a message in the chat or send an email to info@eventix.io.

Do you have another question? In our FAQ for organisers, we answer the most common questions.

FAQ for Organisers
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