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Eventix Essentials: The sold-out ticket shop

Tjeerd Leendertse

You look at a ticket shop as simply a place in which to sell tickets, which seems logical, but you can also see it as so much more. At Eventix we see a ticket shop as your personal store, which you shape yourself so you can give visitors the best possible user experience.

The sold-out ticket shop

A ticket shop has a lot of possibilities. Maybe you’ve already used a few, which is good! But there are even more options available to help your ticket shop sell out!

In this Eventix blog, you’ll read:

  • How to organize a ticket shop and generate more revenue
  • How to give a ticket shop the branding of your event
  • The added value of tracking in your ticket shop
  • How to distribute your ticket shop and tickets
  • Why you should use visitor data when advertising

The customer journey the ticket shop

The customer journey is the journey your visitors take through the complete user experience of buying a ticket. The customer journey should have as few obstacles as possible. Every obstacle or bit of extra effort that a visitor has to put into buying a ticket is another reason for them to drop out. Especially for events that are not guaranteed to sell out, a customer journey must be as smooth as possible.

You organize the customer journey through 'Collapses'. Collapses are extra headers you can add to your ticket shop. The big advantage of collapses is that you can tidy up your ticket shop. Therefore, if you want to use twenty different tickets in the ticket shop it’s wise to use collapses. If you want to know more about the smart layout of the ticket shop, you can talk to us via the chat on the right of your screen. Of course, you can also call us. We love listening to our customers!

EVENTIX TIP: Using the time limit wisely

Eventix allows you to set a time limit for tickets. In general, it’s not a good idea to set a time limit for tickets like ‘early birds’ over a long period such as a month. Instead, try a couple of days. If your visitors see they have a month to make a purchase, they are more likely to delay. If the limit is a couple of days, there will be a greater sense of FOMO (Fear of missing out) and people will be more likely to buy a ticket on the spot.

Upselling in the ticket shop

With the Collapses you can sell more than just tickets; you can offer consumption coins, shuttle bus tickets and parking tickets. This is called upselling. By applying upselling, you give your visitors one central place where they can buy everything they need. By offering tokens, for example, you ensure that visitors do not have to wait as long at your event for coins. Less waiting means more time to buy food and drinks and more sales.

Your event’s branding in the ticket shop

As an event, you have a specific branding that creates recognition. The tone of voice, the logo and colours all come together to ensure your event’s identity is recognisable. You can also implement this branding at the essential point of the customer journey; your ticket shop.

Choose the colours of the ticket shop

As an event, you’re a brand, and you probably use a colour pallet. You use this colour palette to show your colour when communicating with visitors. In the manual on how to adjust the colours of a ticket shop, we show you how to change the colours of a ticket shop step by step.

Upload your ticket background

In addition to choosing the colours of the ticket shop, you can upload your ticket background. Release your inner Bob Ross and create the most beautiful designs, share information or distribute a playlist on Spotify through a ticket background.

(Download the Eventix Ticket Template for the dimensions of a ticket background.)

Facebook banner in the ticket shop

In addition to choosing the colours of the ticket shop and uploading your ticket background there’s another way to spread your branding: The Facebook banner in the ticket shop. Usually, a ticket shop has no recognisable header. When you copy the link from your Facebook page while managing the tickets, your event’s header will appear in the ticket shop. The advantage of having your banner in a ticket shop is that a 'Like-button' will appear. This allows visitors who want to stay informed of your event to stay up-to-date through a 'like'.

Facebook banner in the Eventix ticketshop. Visitors can give the Facebook page a like

Tracking in a ticket shop

By using tracking in the ticket shop you get a better overview of how successful your (online) posts are. You can 'attach' the Eventix tracking link to an online message, such as a post on Facebook or an email. The tracking then measures the conversion based on the online statement that you’ve posted. At the same time, the Eventix tracking link will immediately show you how much revenue you’ve received based on the message. Later in this blog, you can read how to use a tracking link when you advertise.

Distribution and spreading of the ticket(s)

You distribute your ticket shop through a link. The most common channel is Facebook, simply because the majority of your visitors is active on the platform.

You can also place an iFrame of the ticket shop on your website. An iFrame is a piece of code that makes it possible to display content from one website on another one. Think of an embedded YouTube video or a Spotify Player window. In this case, the iFrame contains your ticket shop. When placing the iFrame you don't have to bust out any code yourself, the iFrame of your ticket shop(s) is ready to be used!

Thirdly, there is another tool that helps you distribute tickets: Songkick. Songkick makes it possible to promote your event and therefore your tickets via the most significant music streaming services such as Spotify and Shazam.

Advertising with the ticket shop as your basis

Advertising with the ticket shop as a basis? Yes! Through the visitor data, Facebook Pixel and a tracking link you receive a lot of information to optimise advertisements.

Visitor data

When selling tickets, you can add visitor data. Visitor data is extra information that visitors enter when buying a ticket. In addition to demographic data, you can ask anything you want. For example, as a food event, you could ask your guests for their culinary preferences. This information helps you to shop more effectively and to prevent waste.

Eventix allows you to download your customer file(s) with which includes all the visitor information you’ve gathered and lets you use this file during advertising. Facebook has the option to use a customer base as the basis for a target group. Upload your customer base and Facebook will look for similar profiles (to those of your visitors) - Facebook also calls it 'look-a-like audiences.'

Facebook Pixel

The Facebook Pixel measures the conversion in a ticket shop. The conversion consists of two types: 'hard' and 'soft' conversion. Hard conversion is when a ticket is purchased. Soft conversion when someone logs into the ticket shop using Facebook, selects tickets and fills in other personal details. Basically, a soft conversion is every possible action in a ticket shop that is not a purchase.

With the information you receive from the Facebook Pixel, you can customize your target audiences. What’s more, you can exclude visitors from an advertisement who’ve already purchased a ticket. An advertisement with 'Buy your tickets now' is not relevant to a visitor who already has a ticket. Instead, you can target them with a more specific ad enticing them to "Buy tokens and spend less time waiting during an event."

Tracking links

If you attach the above-mentioned tracking link to a post in which you announce your line-up, for example, you will gain insight into what visitors have purchased a ticket based on the announcement. This target group is obviously happy enough with the billed artists if they have bought a ticket based on this. Cater to this group with an advertisement about a relevant playlist, for example, and you can strengthen your ties with a group of visitors.

visual tracking link

EVENTIX TIP: Generate unique coupon codes

Instead of using one general coupon code, you can generate as many unique coupon codes as you want using Eventix. With the unique coupon codes, you’re able to measure and know how many (and which) visitors are using the coupon codes.

The use of coupon codes

Using discount codes can help you to sell more tickets. Unique discount codes are an ideal way to get more out of your coup (and ticket shop). Send an email to your loyal visitors to reward them or activate inactive recipients of your mailing list(s).

Do you have questions about the sold-out ticket shop or about the Eventix ticketing system in general? Send us a message via the chat on the right of your screen!

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