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Eventix & Songkick: Spread Your Tickets

Andy Greenwood

Spread your tickets with Songkick

What is Songkick?

Songkick is a platform which you can use to find where your favourite artists are performing, or to look for events in your area. By using Songkick, you can directly purchase tickets for any event which is being promoted on their platform.

Songkick has quite a few major partnerships, including Spotify, Soundcloud and Shazam, including less popular platforms such as Pandora, Bandcamp, Hype Machine, BBC Music and Deezer. This exposure allows you to reach both domestic and foreign audiences, as, given the incredibly large databases of these streaming services, there is a good chance that the artists performing at your event can be found on one or more of these platforms.

When a (potential) visitor is listening to an artist who has been booked at your event, they have the opportunity to purchase tickets straight away. As you can see in the screenshot below, Neverland has gone through the required steps in Songkick. Isn’t that handy?


How do I add a ticket to Songkick?

1. Go to Songkick and make an account.

2. Send an e-mail directly to Songkick (support@songkick.com) and ask to become a moderator (It’s wise to send proof that you are organising an event right away). As a moderator, there are some steps you can skip, which will allow you to add artists and events more quickly. Once you have done this, check the bottom of the screen (the footer) for the ‘Add an event’ button. If this option is missing, you can use this page to submit a request to add an event.


3. Next, you can start adding tickets through this link. Make sure to use the same email address that you use for Songkick. Once you go to the second step, you will be asked to add the URL of your Songkick Event Page and your Ticket Link URL (your ticket shop). You can find the link to your ticket shop by going to the Dashboard (Manage -> Events -> Edit -> Shops).

EVENTIX TIP: Tracking links

Here, you will also be able to add a tracking link. If you aren’t familiar with tracking links yet, there is a guide in our Help Centre which will show you the ropes.

Good luck using Songkick! If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know via

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