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Grow Faster With Direct Mailing - Part 4: Create Usable Lists

Andy Greenwood

Create usable lists

Grow Faster with Direct Mailing is a nine-part series about how an event organiser can use Direct Mailing to get more out of their ticket sales. In this part you'll read about usable (mailing) lists.

You want as many visitors as possible in your mailing lists: The more visitors in your lists, the more interest and affinity people have with your organisation and events. The people in your mailing lists are usually your most loyal visitors and want to be up-to-date about your event.

It could be the case that you have a ‘contaminated’ mailing list, by which we mean a mailing list that isn’t up-to-date, incorrect email addresses and inactive subscribers. All these things will affect the results of your Direct Mailing. In this blog, we’ll show you how to keep your mailing lists in tip-top condition.

How do I keep my mailing lists usable?

Find out why you aren’t achieving the desired results. To figure out why your emails aren’t leading to the conversions you had hoped, you may need to take a step back. There are several things which can affect the usefulness of a mailing list:

1. Some people simply aren’t interested in your event anymore

It is entirely possible that people attended your event and discovered that it just really wasn’t their cup of tea, and that’s fine.

2. You are sending too many emails

There is a fine line between appreciation and annoyance. Don’t send too many emails, as this may be seen as somewhat of a nuisance.

3. A different email address

If you receive an error from an email address, that person may not have entered their email correctly (or the email address is no longer available).

Keep in mind that if someone does not open their email six times, he or she will be removed from the mailing list.

4. Bad timing

An email at 11 p.m. or 6 a.m. will only have a very slight chance of being opened. According to the Dutch National Email Benchmark (Nationale E-mail Benchmark) from 2018, the best time to send an email is during office hours and specifically around lunch time.

Depending on the subscription you have with your email provider, it can sometimes take up to 24 hours before all your emails have been sent. Usually, it is wise to go for a more expensive subscription to ensure your emails are sent instantly.

5. A lot of the same content

We absolutely advise using a template, but by doing so, you run the risk of falling back into the same content. Make sure the content you post is exciting and new. Flirt with your (potential) visitors to maintain an interesting relationship; after all, going on the same date with your partner over and over again gets boring too, right?

6. The content isn’t relevant

Carefully consider who is in your mailing list. Sometimes it is better to have multiple smaller, more focussed mailing lists rather than one large one. That way, you can streamline the content of your emails more effectively towards the recipients and the conversion of your emails will be higher.

Of course, there are more reasons why people don’t open their emails, but these are the most common reasons which you can do something about.

Tackle the causes

Just as there may be problems riddling your mailing lists, there are also solutions which will help keep your mailing lists usable.

1. Use an opt-in with Eventix

Respect the preferences of your visitors. Since the implementation of the GDPR, the use of an opt-in is compulsory. An opt-in gives your (potential) visitors the choice of whether or not to grant permission to be added to your mailing list(s). You can place the opt-in on multiple platforms, such as on your landing page or when you send an email to a visitor after they have purchased a ticket. The header that says ‘Sign In For Our Mailing List’ and the automatic opt-in in the ticket shop are both excellent examples of this.

2. Provoke a response

Make sure that your emails get some form of response. Ask for opinions, use a button to purchase a ticket or hold a giveaway. It’s essential to keep the reader activated.

3. Your email's readability

Another important aspect is the readability of your mail, and by that, we mean whether or not it’s responsive to the various devices that it may be read on. If the format does not adjust, fewer people will able to read it, let alone be interested in doing so.

different devices to read mails

4. Segment your mailing lists

You get the best results if you make use of multiple mailing lists. By segmenting your mailing lists, you only send content that is relevant to the recipient. When doing this, consider the different ways that you acquire email addresses. You can segment through Facebook, via a page on your website and of course through the ticket shop. Use this knowledge to make your mailing list as relevant as possible.

5. Give your visitors some attention

Congratulating your visitors by email is a friendly and effective way of giving your visitors some attention. No matter how you look at it, everyone likes to be congratulated on their birthday. You could capitalise on this further by throwing in a coupon for a discount and put a smile on everyone’s faces.

6. Send a particular mail that you specifically address to inactive subscribers

“Andy, we miss you…”.

Every time I read this sentence, I feel a little flattered (even if I did write it myself). When you receive an email that starts like this, you get the feeling that someone is thinking of you, which is a powerful feeling to try and provoke when you are sending an email.

Send an email that starts with “[First name], we miss you”, in combination with a coupon code, and you might just make both your days. In one of the following blogs, we’ll show you how to manage and send unique coupon codes.

Good luck setting up your useful mailing lists! If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to contact us through

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