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Grow Faster With Direct Mailing - Part 6: The Personalisation of Mails

Andy Greenwood

The Personalisation

Grow Faster with Direct Mailing is a nine-part series about how an event organiser can use Direct Mailing to get more out of their ticket sales. In this part you'll read about personalisation

Personalisation of emails is becoming increasingly important, as people want to be addressed as individuals rather than with a simple; ‘Dear reader’. By applying personalisation, you can create a more intimate connection with your visitors. MailChimp makes this very easy to achieve.

How do I personalise my Direct Mailing?

Put yourself in the shoes of the person receiving the email
We’ve mentioned it before, and we’ll repeat it; put yourself in your visitors' shoes. When trying to personalise, it’s important to know what the persona of your visitors is. The better you can do this, the more effective you will be able to be in building bonds.

Subject lines

In an earlier blog, we wrote about the power of subject lines. Creating a personal connection with your visitors starts here. It is more appealing to your visitors to be addressed with ‘Hey [name], we have something fun for you’ in the subject line than ‘Dear visitor, we have something fun for you’.

Personalising a subject line is not often done, according to a Dutch national email study, but leads to a 10% increase of the COR (The total amount of emails that are opened); which is reason enough to personalise the subject line.

You can easily do this through MailChimp. Once you start a new email campaign (through Campaigns) you will see this screen:


If you click on ‘Add Recipients’, you will be able to add new recipients to your mail and immediately personalise your greeting. First, choose your mailing list. Once that’s done, the ‘Personalize the “To” field’ option will appear, which makes sure that ‘andy@eventix.io’ turns into ‘Andy Greenwood’ or ‘Andy’, depending on the Merge tag you select.



Always greet the recipient personally; it’s nicer to receive an email addressed to your name rather than a bland and impersonal ‘Dear visitor’.

Within the Eventix Dashboard, it’s easy to export a list of your visitors for your Direct Mailing. You export the first name, last name, email address, and whether or not they would like to be kept up to date (newsletter etc.).

EVENTIX TIP: Address guests appropriately

Consider what the most appropriate way is to address your visitors. If you do this in advance, you can consider this when collecting visitor information.

Using MailChimp, it is easy to add a greeting to a textbox, which you have dragged and dropped when you’re designing your email (through Templates).


The next step is to decide how you would like to address the recipients; this can be done by using Merge Tags, which we explored in the previous step.

You can take this a step further when it comes to the greeting: Depending on the situation, you can choose for either first, last or full name. Alternatively, if you are hosting a corporate event, you can choose to use the company name as a greeting rather than an individual. For example, see the image below:



The use of GIF’s certainly adds a lot of personalisation to your mailing and also has other advantages. GIF’s add humour, draw attention and images say more than a thousand words, after all. Just make sure you don’t go overboard with GIF’s, as there is a very fine line between a smile and irritation.


Use your branding

Using your branding provokes a sense of familiarity in your visitors. Take the example of Netflix; with their signature colour palette and distinctive tone of voice. If they were to change their familiar style radically, they would certainly lose customers as a direct result (in fact Netflix lost 800,000 subscribers in one quarter in 2011 after doing just that). We have certain expectations from brands.

Make sure your fonts, colours and imagery all support one another. An easy but effective step is to add your logo to your emails. A logo in your email provides off an aura of authority (and is an easy way to advertise your logo). Repetition ensures that your visitors are more likely to remember an image or logo.

Adding images and designing emails is easy using MailChimp. If you go to Templates in MailChimp, you get two options: Content and Design. Select Content and drag the content that you would like to add into the preview of the email.


Once you’ve done this, you can drag the image into the box or upload an image by clicking on 'Browse'.


Choose a tone of voice

Decide what kind of tone of voice you would like to use and stick to it. It’s important that your visitors recognise you and know what you stand for. Choose a tone of voice that matches your event. So, if you’re organising a Halloween party, there is no sense in using a formal tone, instead, opt for something more playful or spooky. Likewise; if you’re organising a corporate event, then a formal tone is more advisable.

Congratulate your visitors

If you have collected the date of birth in the visitor information when selling your tickets, you will be able to use that knowledge to your benefit! Don’t be afraid to send your visitors some congratulations, most people like a little attention on their birthday after all. If you combine the message with a little present - such as a discount code, or a spot on the guest list - the visitor will likely be quite flattered and come to your event (with their friends).

Get closer to your visitors and get started with personalisation! If you have any more questions or feedback, feel free to contact us through

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