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Grow Faster With Facebook - Part 2: Plan Your Ads

Andy Greenwood

Plan your ads

Grow Faster with Facebook is a ten-part series about how an event organizer can use Facebook to get more out of Facebook Business Manager. In this part you'll read about planning ads.

Planning an advertisement is a powerful way to reach your target audience within the best possible timeframe. By utilising the ‘Insights’ option you can find out loads of information about page views, for example, or the times at which your page is most frequently visited and what behaviour visitors of your page demonstrate. This information can be incredibly helpful in determining when to post an advertisement.

How do I plan an ad?

  1. Go to Facebook Business Manager and click on the Business Manager menu button (three stripes) in the top-left corner of your screen.

  2. Then click on ‘Ads Manager’ and either create a new Ad Set or edit an existing one.

  3. On the left side of your screen, you will see a list of the settings you can edit e.g. ‘Campaign’, ‘Ad set’ and ‘Ad’. Once you have selected your campaign goal, click on ‘Budget & Schedule’.

Plan your ad Budget & Planning
  1. In the menu, make sure to select the ‘Lifetime budget’ option in the ‘Budget’ drop-down menu.
Plan your ad lifetime budget
  1. Next, you can plan the specific time slots your ads are broadcast on by editing the ‘Ad scheduling’ menu. Make sure to toggle on the ‘Run ads on a schedule’ option and choose the ‘Use viewer’s time zone’ option from the drop-down menu. By doing so you ensure people will see it at the correct time in their respective time zone.
EVENTIX TIP: Set an end date

You can set an end date for your ad sets, which will stop your ads from running on indefinitely (even after your event has passed). You can do this in the ‘Budget & Scheduling’ menu.

Hopefully, you were able to successfully plan your ad!

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