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Grow Faster With Facebook - Part 7: Exclude Audiences

Tjeerd Leendertse

Exclude audiences on Facebook

Grow Faster with Facebook is a ten-part series about how an event organizer can use Facebook to get more out of Facebook Business Manager. In this part you'll read about excluding audiences.

Excluding visitors? Did I read that right? Yes! In the past, there may have been people you didn’t want to invite to your birthday party and the same still applies at this age, except now you can do it under the guise of spending your marketing budget more efficiently.

When you advertise through Facebook, Facebook will recognise the potential visitors who are interested in your event. Facebook is so good at this that even visitors who have already purchased a ticket will see your ads. However, you don’t want to waste your money advertising to people who have already placed an order, so you can exclude them. By doing so you will have more budget left to spend on trying to attract visitors who haven’t bought a ticket yet.

How do I exclude people on Facebook?

  1. Install a Facebook Pixel in your ticket shop or page. In this blog about Facebook Pixels, you can learn all about Pixels and how you can integrate them into your Eventix ticket shop.

  2. Once you have a Facebook Pixel installed its time to start excluding people. Go to Facebook Business Manager and select the account you are advertising on. Next, click on the menu button (three stripes in the top-left corner) and select ‘Audiences’ from under ‘Assets’.

Exclude audiences in Facebook
EVENTIX TIP: Install your Pixel before your ticket sales start

If you have only just installed a Pixel, it may take a while before Facebook has gathered enough data. Therefore, it’s important to add the Pixel to the ticket shop before the ticket sales go live.

  1. A page will open which will give you an overview of your various audiences if you have any. Click on the ‘Create a Custom Audience’ button.
Create a Custom Audience in Facebook Business Manager
  1. A window will open with different options. For the sake of this blog, we’re going to assume that you have the Pixel connected to your ticket shop. Since the ticket shop is a web application, you will be gathering information about the effectiveness of your ads through the web. As such, select ‘Website traffic’. This also works if you have integrated the ticket shop into your own website.
Exclude Audiences part 3
  1. You will now see a window from which you can set the parameters of your custom audience. In order to exclude a group, click on the blue ‘Exclude’ button on the right. A number of extra options will appear which you can adjust the settings of. If you click on ‘All website visitors’ in the new section and change it to ‘People who visited specific web pages’. A new field will emerge with the tags ‘URL’ and ‘contains’ above it; enter ‘/paid’ into the field below. As /paid is a standard part of the URL when a payment has been completed, by adding it in this field you will exclude any visitors who have already purchased a ticket.
  1. Next, make sure that you choose a clear name for your audience. For example, in this case, you could say ‘Exclude paid visitors - 30 days’. By doing so you will be able to tell what the settings of this custom audience were at a glance when you want to create a new one.

This is a step towards helping you to spend your marketing budget more effectively. As you are excluding a group from your ad, you will be able to use your remaining budget to approach other potential visitors. In this blog about custom audiences, you can read more about creating custom audiences in order to be more efficient in your Facebook advertising.

EVENTIX TIP: Run optional product ads targeting your ‘ticket buyers’

When you start upselling by adding lockers, merchandise or parking tickets to your ticket shop it is actually a good idea to target visitors who have already purchased a ticket, as you already know that they are coming to your event.

Thanks for reading!

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