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Grow Faster With Facebook - Part 9: Target Group on Customer Base

Andy Greenwood

Target group on customer base

Grow Faster with Facebook is a ten-part series about how an event organizer can use Facebook to get more out of Facebook Business Manager. In this part you'll read about target groups on customer base.

There are a few ways in which you can create a lookalike target audience; you can use a pixel that you have previously set up, for example, or you can create an audience based off of an existing customer base. In the customer file, you can find all the information you have gathered about your customers. To find out how to export a customer base from the Eventix Dashboard, click here.

How do I use a customer file to create a lookalike target group?

  1. Go to Facebook Business Manager.

  2. Click on the three stripes in the top-left corner and a drop-down menu will appear. Next click on ‘Audiences’ under the ‘Assets’ section.

Audience and assets in Facebook Business Manager
  1. Click on the blue ‘Create a Lookalike Audience’ button.

  2. Under the ‘Select your lookalike source’ header click on the ‘Create new source’ dropdown menu and select ‘Custom Audience’.

New source & customer audience in Facebook Business Manager
  1. Next, you will see a list of possible sources which you can use to create your custom audience. Select ‘Customer file’ and you will see the following screen:
Select Customer File in Facebool Business Manager
  1. Upload your customer file and select what source it originates from in the dropdown menu. Next, make sure to give your audience a recognisable name so that you can distinguish it from your other target audiences.
Customer base export Eventix
  1. After you click on ‘Next’, you will be able to apply the various ‘identifiers’ which Facebook uses to the information collected from your clients. Since Eventix compiles values which Facebook does not use in its analysis, it’s possible that Facebook won’t recognise all of the information within your customer file.
Customer base and identifiers
  1. Once you click on ‘Upload and create’ Facebook will start analysing the customer file. In order to create a lookalike audience using your new file, click on ‘Create a Lookalike Audience’.
Create lookalike audience in Facebook
  1. This will return you to the ‘Create a Lookalike Audience’ window, where you will now be able to select the regions or countries where you would like Facebook to look for a lookalike audience in and where you can select the size and number of the audiences you want to look for. Once you click on ‘Create Audience’ Facebook will get started.
Looalike audience in Facebook Business Manager, select region or countries
EVENTIX TIP: Custom Audience with Long Time Value

In step 4, you have the option to create a ‘Custom Audience with LTV’. LTV stands for Long Time Value, which reflects the value these visitors can have for you. When using LTV you can segment your ‘Best clients’ and using that information you can find lookalike audiences.

If you have any questions or feedback about creating lookalike target group based on a customer file, feel free to contact us through

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