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Andy Greenwood

The Kick-Off

Grow Faster with Facebook is a ten-part series about how an event organizer can use Facebook to get more out of Facebook Business Manager. In this part, you'll read about the subjects

When it comes to organising events, there is no more getting around Facebook and Instagram. There is a good chance that you have already created an event on Facebook so you could start buttering up your target audience for your event, and understandably so, as Facebook has over two billion registered users worldwide (whereas Instagram is on the rise). In 2018 the number of Instagram users grew to over a billion, which makes it safe to assume that the bulk of your potential visitors are likely active on Facebook and Instagram.

Since Instagram is part of Facebook's flagship, the marketing possibilities of the two systems are practically identical, so when we speak about Facebook in this series, we will be referring to both Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook has much more to offer than simply the ability to create events, for instance, you can plan advertisements, focus on and narrow down your target audience and make sure only specific people see your ads. You can even exclude users who have visited a particular page.

In our Grow Faster with Facebook series, we want to show you how to get the most out of Facebook. We’ll show you the ropes on how to effectively advertise your events in 9 parts.

Part 1: Plan your Posts
Decide when you would like to upload a post in advance.

Part 2: Plan your Ads
Decide when you would like an ad to be visible to a target audience.

Part 3: The Conversion Funnel
An explanation of the different phases within the marketing strategy.

Part 4: The Introduction of the Facebook Pixel
The Pixel gives you insight into the conversions that you generate in your ticket shop.

Part 5: Retargeting
Target visitors who you have already had an interaction with. Facebook Pixel can help you to achieve this.

Part 6: Custom Audience
Create a specific target audience which you would like to reach with your posts.

Part 7: Exclude Audience From your Target Group
Exclude an audience from a target group, for instance, people who have already purchased a ticket for your event.

Part 8: Look-a-like Target Groups
Create a similar target audience on the bases of interests and preferences of a target group you have used before.

Part 9: Target on Customer Base
Create a similar target audience based on your existing client base. Here you can read how to export a customer base in the correct format within our system.

Good luck setting up your Facebook Advertising!

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