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Keeping your visitors up-to-date about your event!

Yara Bakker

As an event organiser, it’s of crucial importance to keep in touch with your visitors. This is not only necessary to be able to share all practical information easily, but also to promote your event in advance among its target group. Effective online communication leads to increased engagement and word-of-mouth advertising, while it simultaneously provides you with valuable information about your audience as well. That is why we discuss several useful ways to keep your visitors up to date in this blog.

What kind of information do I share with my audience?

In the event business, the majority of communication involves sharing all sorts of useful information regarding the event. For example, the time schedule of a concert is posted in its Facebook event, festivals announce their line-up through their social media accounts, and the new map of the festival grounds is distributed with the use of a handy app. In the event of an unexpected cancellation, fans will soon be notified by means of a push notification, and visitors hype each other up in the build-up to the event by tagging each other in the content of previous editions. Results of sporting competitions are immediately passed on to the loyal supporters at the end of a match, who subsequently also share them through their own channels. In the case of business events, it’s equally beneficial to keep the audience informed so that things run smoothly. In this case, the communication would concern a clearly stated start and end time of a lecture, for example, or perhaps a comprehensive explanation of the expected prior knowledge on the subject in the case of a workshop.

How does this help me as the organiser?

Visitors generally value a proactive attitude, but they also provide you with all sorts of free and useful information throughout the subsequent communication. As a result, you can use this knowledge for your own benefit in the future promotion of your event. In this manner, you not only ensure that your visitors arrive well-prepared at your event, but you are also able to apply more targeted marketing and hereby minimise your expenses.

The practical use of regular interaction

By analysing your visitor information, you’ll find out about the age and gender of your visitors, for instance, which is something that can be useful for the targeting of future advertisements. Moreover, you’ll receive immediate feedback after writing a post in the form of likes, shares and comments. As your content consequently also appears on the timeline of second-tier connections, you automatically generate word-of-mouth advertising for your event. This group of indirect readers likely has a lot in common with your current visitors, which means that there is a significant chance they’ll also be interested in your event. So, effective online communication contributes to the popularity of your event in various ways.

How do I reach my audience?

But how do you reach your target audience, and how do you maintain this contact? To help you on your way, we’ve listed three practical ways to keep in touch with your visitors below.


1. Maintain personal contact through mailing lists

As we mentioned before, at Eventix, we believe email marketing is a valuable part of an ad campaign. Almost every Dutch person is subscribed to one or more mailing lists, and according to statistics from the National E-mail Survey, 2018 no less than 72% has made a purchase in the past in response to a received mail. These numbers are pretty promising, so it would be a shame not to use this free marketing strategy!

Easily set up a direct mailing campaign

As an Eventix user, things are even easier, because you can export your existing customer base in no time through the dashboard. You can then use this data to create a mailing list in MailChimp, which is a handy tool that helps you prepare a newsletter without too much trouble. You can choose to use one of the free email templates, for example, which means that you only have to add some catchy copy. By doing this, you can easily make your mailing instantly look professional, even if you’re not skilled in graphic design yourself.

The benefits of personal communication

In an email, you address your visitors personally, which brings along a number of benefits. It allows you to easily share individual coupon codes; if you want to grant your most loyal visitors access to an exclusive pre-sale, or if you want to give a discount to a specific group, for example. However, you have to be careful not to send too many emails over a short period when using a mailing list, as you will otherwise quickly lose your readers interest and the content will be written off as spam. Do you want to know more about the use of direct mailing? Then make sure to (re-)read this blog series.

EVENTIX TIP: Use this to upsell before the start of the event!

Upselling can provide you with more financial security! You can offer special deals for merchandise, drink coins or alternative accommodation, for example. The money will already be in your bank account the following week, so it considerably affects the budget that can be spent in advance.


2. Reach the masses through Facebook

Facebook is often people’s first thought when setting up a communication strategy. With its wide variety of options, Facebook allows you to fully optimise your online presence for your audience.

Start with creating a page and an event

It all begins with your own Facebook page, with which you can easily create an event that clearly lists all the important information on one page. Visitors can see the date as well as the start and end time, along with a brief description of the event, in the blink of an eye. All interested parties are automatically notified when anything changes, which ensures everyone is up-to-date. As an organiser, it can also be beneficial to be able to see how many guests you can expect. Visitors can also invite their friends themselves, which in turn benefits your reach.

Link to your Facebook page in your ticket shop

With all these benefits in mind, you hope that as many visitors as possible will end up on your page. Therefore, a useful tip for Eventix users is to insert a link to your Facebook page in the header of your ticket shop. As a result, ticket buyers only have to press the like button if they would like to be kept informed about the event. You can read how exactly to do this here.

EVENTIX TIP: Track your posts!

In the case of tracking, you can add special links to your posts, which make it possible to measure their conversion. Did a specific post encourage many new purchases? Then you know what kind of messages your target audience responds well to.

3. Kick off the pre-party with Spotify

You can use Spotify to stay in contact with your audience, both before and after your event, which is especially interesting for concert and festival organisers. Spotify is the most popular streaming service of the moment, and it’s millions of active users make it an interesting platform to reach a diverse audience.

Get in the mood with your own playlist

The most important function in Spotify is the possibility to create carefully composed playlists. This way, you can easily create a playlist containing only the artists that can be found at your event. Besides that, you can easily link to the music of relevant artists in the announcement of your line-up on Instagram or any other platform. In this manner, you satisfy curious visitors, and you simultaneously ensure that smaller names gain more reach. An additional advantage is that you, as the organiser, will be capitalising on your event’s hype. With a custom-made playlist, visitors get into the mood more readily, which will be reflected in the sales figures. Interested in the many applications of Spotify playlists? We previously discussed the topic extensively in this li.


Get professional with an artist profile

Would you like to handle things even more professionally? Then create an artist profile on Spotify. This offers several extra benefits for you as an organiser. You can even be verified, which will show your listeners that you’re reliable. You can also personalise your account further by collecting detailed data on your listeners, highlighting new releases from an artist or music tour on your profile, distributing information about your event through Songkick and much more. This article describes how it all works.

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