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Manage your time slots and reservations with Eventix

Andy Greenwood

Mark Rutte (the Dutch Prime Minister) held a speech last week which offered a little shimmer of hope for business owners. The easing of measures surrounding the coronavirus means that contact professions, such as hairdressers, tattoo artists and beauty specialists, can start working again under strict conditions. Maintaining 1,5 meters distance and using time slots is the new norm. Eventix can help you with this.

Where our system is mainly used to manage tickets for events, it’s also suited for managing reservations. In this blog, we’ll mention a number of branches and professions which can make good use of our system and how you can use our system to easily and clearly manage your reservations. Finally, we’ll walk you through the steps which will make your ticket shop ready for time slots and reservations.

In the blog, you’ll read:

  1. Which branches and professions Eventix’ ticketing system is suitable for.
  2. How you can increase your revenue through ticket pricing (for reservations).
  3. How you can use Eventix to make a clear ticket shop that is suitable for reservations.

How do you use Eventix’ ticketing system for reservations?

By using Eventix’ ticketing system, you can create different types of tickets; camping tickets, parking tickets, for instance, but also time slots and reservations. If you would like to see what a ticket shop for reservations can look like, click here.

reservations time slots ticket shop eventix

If you’re interested in other examples of ticket shops, you can check out our demo shops.

Reservations for the catering industry with Eventix’ ticketing system

You can use Eventix’ ticketing system to allow guests to reserve a place for lunch. Add time slots for lunch, a function, or a dinner. If you want to charge for the reservation, you can then subtract that amount from the bill the guest has to pay.

What are the advantages of paid reservations?

  1. It’s a way to guarantee a certain amount of revenue. Imagine you set the ticket price for a lunch reservation at 20 euros. You can rest assured that the guest who made the reservation will spend at least 20 euros, and won’t waste one of your time slots slowly sipping away at a single cup of coffee.
  2. The chance of a no-show is a lot lower. If a guest has already paid for part of their bill, they’re much less likely to decide to stay home anyway.

EVENTIX TIP: Changing payouts

We payout the revenue of your reservations weekly. Every Wednesday, the revenue from the previous week will be in your account. If you would like to use a different payout frequency, you can change this under the Company Settings in the Eventix Dashboard.

Reservations for contact professions using Eventix’ ticketing system

The phones of those people working in contact professions (such as hairdressers, tattoo artists and beauty specialists) must have been ringing off the hook the last few days. The itch to get a haircut, finish a tattoo, or to treat your skin to a mask, is growing exponentially as the days go on.

You can use our ticketing system to manage your time slots clearly. The big advantage in this is that you don’t spend half of your time answering the phone for guests who want to reserve a spot.

Say you’re a hairdresser, there are two ways you can go about managing your reservations: You can offer different types of haircuts which clients can pay for beforehand (this also helps to avoid handling cash), or you only allow people to make reservations.

Reservations for retail shops using Eventix’ ticketing system

Similarly to catering and contact professions, our ticketing system is suitable for creating time slots for guests in retail shops. This can be ideal if you have limited space in your shop but you want to ensure your guests maintain a healthy 1,5-meter distance from each other.

The same principle of ticket prices applies to retail as it does to catering: The ticket price can be subtracted from the overall price of the goods purchased in the shop. If the guest can’t decide on an outfit (in the case of a clothing shop), you can offer the remaining amount of their ticket price as credit in your webshop.

Using seat maps for reservations

As an advanced feature, you can also choose to use seat maps for your reservations. This is incredibly handy for restaurants and cafés as it allows guests to reserve seats - or entire tables - by selecting them in the ticket shop. This can be handy for keeping an overview of your available seating and allows guests to choose the precise seating they want. You can see an example of the reservation process for seat maps below.

reservations time slots eventix seat maps

How do I use the ticketing system for reservations?

If you would like to know how to use time slots to make reservations, you can check out our handy video guide. If you would prefer a more descriptive walkthrough, we've explained each step involved below.

Step 1: Create an account

  1. Go to the Eventix Dashboard. If you don’t yet have an account, we’d like to extend you a warm welcome.

Step 2: Create an event for the first date

  1. Click on ‘Manage’, in the menu on the left side of the page. Click on ‘Events’ and create a new event by clicking on the blue ‘+ New event’ button.

  2. Give your event (read: day) a name and enter the date, time, location and other information.

reservation time slot eventix ticket

Step 3: Create time slot tickets

  1. Create a ticket for your first available time slot. It’s important to make sure the ‘ticket capacity’ and ‘maximum number of tickets per order’ options are correctly filled in. The ticket capacity refers to how many people can purchase tickets per time slot. The maximum number of tickets per order dictates the maximum number of tickets a group can purchase (here we’ve only allowed 1 ticket per order). Other important options are ‘Available from’ and ‘Available until’, which determine the time frame in which tickets can be reserved. Caution: If you don't want to limit the period in which your ticket can be sold, don't use this function.
reservations time slots tickets eventix

EVENTIX TIP: The reservation price

By charging a price for reserving, you can decrease the likelihood of a no-show reservation, as well as guarantee a certain amount of income per guest. The charged price can then be deducted from the overall price of the purchased goods.

  1. You’ve created your first time slot! You can add a new time slot by clicking on ‘New ticket’ and repeating this step for each time slot.

  2. Click on 'Next' when you are done.

reservations time slots reservation time slot eventix ticketing tickets

Step 4: Time slot shop

  1. In the shop settings, you'll see the field 'Link to shop'. Copy this and open the ticket shop in a new tab.

  2. In the URL, replace shop.eventix.io with shop.timeslots.eventix.

  3. Instead of the usual ticket shop, you should now see our date picker ticket shop.

open time slot shop date picker eventix

Step 5: Add more dates to the ticket shop

  1. Go to ‘Manage’ and then click on ‘Events’.

  2. Click on the arrow next to your event and you’ll see a drop-down menu.

reservation time slot eventix ticketing cafe restaurant
  1. If you click on this, you’ll end up in a new menu where you can change the date of your ‘event’. When copying and event, the date will automatically move forward one week.

  2. Once you’ve changed the name and date to the new date, you can skip the following steps without making changes.

  3. Click on 'Create event with tickets'.

Step 6: Copy time slots

  1. In the shop settings, go to the 'Tickets' field and click on 'Select one or more ticket(s)' and toggle all your time slots on.

  2. If you go to the tab with your date picker shop and refresh the page, you should now see the new dates in the shop.

  1. Congratulations, you now have time slots for multiple days in your date picker ticket shop!

Do you need help managing time slots, or do you have a specific question about it? Send us a message in the chat on the right, or call us at (+31)85 888 3007.

Would you like to get started using time slots and reservations?

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