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Spotify playlists around your event

Tjeerd Leendertse

Spotify’s Public Playlists

Playlists are one of Spotify’s essential features. Whether these are your own carefully compiled lists or Spotify's 'Discover Weekly', we generally have massive playlists. But how can you use playlists around your event?

Thom van Oosterhout - booker at XXL Events: ''Every year we survey our visitors. The outcome of the survey has resulted in many positive reactions about our Duikboot Playlist. (...) We use it for experience, not so much for the statistics.''

Public playlists before your event starts.

1. Promote your line-up.

In a previous blog, we have written about how to announce your line-up using Instagram Music. By using Spotify, you can promote the line-up by adding songs by the booked artists to the playlist. Share the list of the announcements and your visitors can listen to a collection of songs by the artists on the line-up straight away.


In the Eventix Dashboard you can create tracking links. A tracking link follows the engagement users have with a post on social media, such as buying a ticket. For example, you can see which groups of people have purchased tickets as a direct result of the line-up being announced. You can then use this group as the target group for a directed advertisement.

2. Show the less well-known artists.

On the line-up, there are often smaller artists next to the 'headliners'. You can introduce your visitors to these smaller artists by sharing a playlist with their music. You could call this list "Meet The Future", for example.

3. Start the pre-party

Make a playlist with music that matches your event, so that the visitors are already in the right mood and vibe before your event starts. If the vibe is already there, there is a chance that visitors will want to go to your event sooner and spend more.

EVENTIX TIP: Step-by-step plan to sharing a playlist:
  1. Make sure that the playlist is on ‘Public’
  2. Send an email with the playlist to your visitors one day before your event starts. (In this series we take a deep-dive into the use of Direct Mailing)
  3. Share a link on your event page on Facebook
  4. Share the playlist on Instagram. You can even promote the playlist through Instagram Music. Take one track that’s in the playlist and type 'Listen more...' with a link to the playlist stimulate a Call To Action.

Playlists after your event ends.

1. A playlist for an afterparty.

Not all of your visitors will want to go to bed after the last song has ended. Send these visitors a playlist to continue so they can carry the party on. Using an 'afterparty playlist' you can make the experience of your event more powerful by capitalising on the Peak-End Rule. The Peak-End Rule dictates that the final experience of an event determines how positively you will remember the best experience of the event. If you make a playlist with tracks at your event, you help to keep your visitors’ best experiences of the event as powerful as possible. (You can read more about the Peak-End Rule in our blog about live experience at events.)

2. 'Rewind' your event.

Create a playlist of tracks that have been played at your event. Some visitors want to relive your event and find some of the best music that was played. It’s not without reason that a Facebook group such as Hack the Track is full of videos of tracks played at an event during the weekend. Hack the Tracks’ page users don't know the track ID or artist, but really want to listen to that music.


Send some of your personnel out to the stages to Shazam during your event. Shazam is an app that recognizes songs based on tones, sounds and vocals. Shazam also has the 'Auto Shazam' option, whereby Shazam continuously recognizes songs. If you collect enough songs by artists, you can then easily place the recognized tunes in your 'Rewind'-playlist on Spotify.

You can use playlists in different ways, but it’s important that your playlist has a reason to be listened to, such as to liven up a pre-party, to introduce visitors to the line-up or to let them revisit some of the bangers played at your event.

If you have a question about using Spotify playlists, go ahead and ask us in the chat in the bottom right of your screen. Want to start selling tickets immediately? Go to the

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