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Are you using these subsidies for small events yet?

Deborah Schoonen

In The Netherlands, there are all sorts of initiatives to support the organisers of small events, which is great considering that organising a small event can involve all manner of financial challenges. Luckily there are loads of possibilities for rounding up the necessary finances for your event. You can look for sponsors, but there are also some subsidies you can use. In this blog, we’ll list some of the possibilities.

Multiple types of subsidies for small events and concert venues

There are multiple types of subsidies you can consider for your small event. There are subsidies on national, provincial and local levels; of these, many are provided by the government, but there are also quite a number of private funds for you to consider.

Make sure you read the terms and conditions thoroughly before filling in your application. The terms can vary from one fund to the other. Some funds offer gifts, whereas others offer venture capital, which means you’ll be taking out a loan that you’ll have to pay back later from your event’s profits. This doesn’t need to be much of a problem, but it’s important to know about it beforehand.

Another thing to consider is what the fund’s requirements are. Many funds have certain requirements; the type of event you’re hosting or the social impact it will have, for instance. Make sure you read through the requirements of a fund carefully before you send in your application.

List of possible subsidies

There are several places to look for a suitable subsidy. There could be more options than you might think at first. Would you like to use a subsidy to finance your event? The following organisations are good places to start searching for the right subsidy for your event.

1. Performing Arts Fund

The Performing Arts Fund offers multiple subsidies on the national level. An example of a subsidy offered by the Performing Arts Funds is the fund for pop music festival line-ups. This fund was put together to help stimulate the development of pop music in The Netherlands. The subsidy is available for festivals that take place at most once per year, that have at least four pop bands that are performing and have a revenue of no more than €250.000,-. You can sign up for this fund via the website of the Performing Arts Fund.

2. Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds (Prince Bernhard Culture Fund)

The Prince Bernhard Culture Fund is available on both the national and provincial level. The national division of the fund is aimed at events that are intended for a broad audience from all over the country. When you are organising an event with a more regional character that is mainly intended for residents of a certain region or province, you can look for a subsidy at one of the provincial departments.

You can apply for a subsidy on a national level via the website of Prins Bernard Cultuurfonds. On the website, you also find a clear overview of all the steps that need to be taken to apply for the subsidy. Make sure you fill in your application on time, since it will only be taken into consideration if your project hasn’t started yet.

3. Fonds voor Cultuurparticipatie (Fund for Cultural Participation)

The Fonds for Cultuurparticipatie is a government fund that offers multiple subsidies for performing arts and talent development on a national scale. With these subsidies, the fund wants to stimulate cultural participation and education within The Netherlands. You can use the subsidy guide to easily determine which subsidy best fits your event or concert venue.

4. Creative Industries Fund NL

The Creative Industries Fund offers multiple subsidies to support designers, creators and cultural institutions. One such subsidy is the Grant Programme for Festivals, which is available for festivals in the fields of architecture, design and digital culture. You can apply for the Grant Programme for Festivals or one of the other subsidies the Creative Industries Fund NL offers via the website.

5. VSBfonds (VSBfund)

The VSBfonds specifically aims their subsidies at projects that focus on the audience and participants. When applying for the subsidy, you need to be able to show how you would like to engage the audience. There needs to be a direct connection or encounter between the art and the observer(s). Are you wondering whether your event is eligible for a subsidy from the VSBfund? You can check their website. Subsequently, you can apply for the subsidy.

Some more ways to find relevant subsidies for your event

Besides the options we named above, there could well be countless other possible subsidies for your event. In addition to the national subsidies, you could also look for subsidies in the province, region or municipality in which your event will take place.

There are loads of opportunities to get a subsidy on the provincial level. You can find most of the available subsidies on your province’s official website. Each province in The Netherlands has a number of subsidies available to stimulate small events and music venues. Chances are, your event is eligible for one of those subsidies.

Besides the national and provincial subsidies, you go one step further and look at the possibilities for local subsidies. Virtually every municipality in The Netherlands has subsidies available to help stimulate local events; take a look at the city or municipal website to find out what’s available. It can also pay off just to make a quick call to your municipality and ask about the possibilities of receiving funding for your event.

Organising an event can be a costly undertaking, so it’s a good thing that in The Netherlands there are quite some subsidies that can help you finance your event. It can really pay off to invest a little time in looking into the different possibilities of both large funds and small local funds.

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