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Grow Faster With Direct Mailing - The Introduction

Andy Greenwood

The Introduction of Direct Mailing

Grow Faster with Direct Mailing is a nine-part series about how an event organiser can use Direct Mailing to get more out of their ticket sales. In this part you'll read about the introduction of Direct Mailing.

It is highly likely that you will have at least some experience with the phenomenon of Direct Mailing; you either use it yourself or are in an organisation’s mailing list. In fact, there’s a good chance that the emails you receive from any given organisation are part of a direct mailing campaign.

There are people who don’t believe in the power of Direct Mailing, who find it obsolete to set up a mailing campaign so you can grow as an organisation. As you might expect, we disagree. In contrast, we are convinced that the use of Direct Mailing is one of the cornerstones which are necessary in order to grow as an events organiser.

We haven’t pulled this conviction out of thin air; it’s based on the statistics of the Dutch National Email Research (in Dutch). This research has shown that 94% of Dutch citizens are enlisted in a newsletter via email and that 72% have made a purchase after receiving an email from an organisation. In your case, that purchase would be a ticket to your event.

These numbers are reason enough for us to want to introduce you to the possibilities of Direct Mailing. In this series of blogs, we’ll explain the basics of Direct Mailing.

Part 1: Which tools are useful?
What tools are helpful in setting up Direct Mailing.

Part 2: How do I use MailChimp?
An expansive walkthrough of the world’s most used tool.

Part 3: The power of subject lines
Discover the power of well-selected subject lines and create love at first sight.

Part 4: Create usable mailing lists
Make usable mailing lists and reach the best results.

Part 5: The value of a Coupon Code
Use the Eventix coupon codes in your Direct Mailing.

Part 6: The personalisation of emails
Personalise your emails and add your event's branding in order to tighten your connection with your visitors.

Part 7: Track your sent mails
Experience the options available to Track & Trace the campaigns that you’ve launched.

Part 8: Mailchimp x Zapier
Update your mailing lists automatically by connecting MailChimp with Zapier.

Good luck setting up your Direct Mailing! If you need any help or advice, feel free to contact us through

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