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Time slots: How do you optimise your guests’ involvement?

Tjeerd Leendertse

Although the Dutch government is slowly easing the measures surrounding the coronavirus, and the signs seem positive, there are still strict guidelines in place for bars, restaurants, public pools, etc. need to adhere to. You can use time slots in order to be able to serve guests according to these guidelines. That’s the first step, but how do you optimise your guests’ involvement with regards to time slots? Read all about it in the blog!

How do you optimise your guests’ involvement?

Good question! The keyword is ‘communication’, which is a broad term. In this blog, we take a deeper delve into the different ways of communication in order to optimise the involvement of guests with regards to time slots.

In this blog, you’ll read:

  • The basics of communication and the role tone of voice plays.
  • How you can communicate by using a custom ticket background.
  • How Facebook can help you to optimise your guests’involvement.
  • How you can communicate through your website.

The essence of good communication

It might seem a little silly, but you don’t start a dinner, tour or dive in a swimming pool without a warming up. The essence of good communication is getting your message across to potential guests and/or visitors. When doing this, it’s important to make sure that your message comes across as intended. For that reason, it’s important to check your messages and ask yourself whether the intention is clear. Keep it simple, clear and accessible!

The role tone of voice plays within your communication

The role that tone of voice plays is incredibly important as it isn’t about what you say, but how you say it. We could devote a whole piece to it, but tone of voice is best demonstrated with an example:

”To whom it may concern,
The tours and packages that have taken your fancy are available in various timeframes. You can safeguard a particular timeframe from third parties by means of a reservation, to be paid in advance.”


*“Yo, want to come over?
Claim your spot now!

See you soon! One love!”*


Ready to explore our companies origins? Reserve a time slot in which you’d like to get to know us, and we’ll see you soon! We’ll make sure there is a beer waiting for you, so don’t forget to bring your good mood!”

Of course, these examples are each a bit exaggerated, but they do demonstrate the crucial role that tone of voice plays in your communication with your guests. The fun part is that each of these ‘tones’ could work in the right context. Know your audience, think about how they communicate and adapt your tone of voice to match.

(One way to get to know your audience better is by using visitor data.)

Your tone of voice only starts becoming effective if you adjust all your communication to match it. This means all your messages, ads, posts, or any other moment of contact should have the same tone of voice. It’s easiest if you start small and start building up to everything.

Uploading a custom ticket background

If you’re managing time slots, you’ll be creating tickets for a time slot. These tickets will have a blank background, which is kind of… simple. You can give your tickets a bit more character by uploading a custom ticket background!

EVENTIX TIP: Eventix Ticket Template.

Download the Eventix Ticket Template. By doing so, you’ll be able to see the exact guidelines for your design. Besides this, keep in mind that the file size of the ticket background doesn’t exceed the limit (max 1.5 MB).

You can optimise the involvement of your guests by uploading a custom ticket background. Create a design and upload it. You can read how to upload a custom ticket background in the guide ‘How can I upload a custom ticket background’.

What do you use as your design?

You’re free to pick your own design but to help you get the most out of your ticket background we want to give you a couple of suggestions.

  1. Personal message
    By adding a personal message to your ticket you’re sending your guests both a ticket and something more. Being addressed, even it is only on a ticket, can go a long way to making your guests feel more involved with your event. Give your guests some encouragement, invite them and get them excited for the event.

  2. The measures that apply to your establishment
    By repeating the guidelines that matter in your establishment could never hurt. Even though the government measures are indeed easing, that doesn’t mean they’re gone. Especially now, it’s important to stick to the guidelines and remind one another to do so. A ticket background can help you do that.

  3. An impression of your establishment
    When you’re on holiday and send a postcard home, it can help give loved ones an impression of the surroundings you’re in. You can apply the same logic to your ticket background, which will help generate a sense of longing for that period.

Communicate through Facebook

A potential guest may want to reserve a time slot and could well go searching for a way to reserve one on your Facebook page or website. When it comes to Facebook, you have quite a few options available in terms of customisation. Besides the obvious header and logo, you can also set-up a few standard questions for them to ask in Facebook Business Manager. These questions can help you to stay one step ahead of your guests:

You can do even more with Facebook Messenger. Besides providing certain questions as suggestions, you can also send automated messages to guests who contact you. We use this same method on our own Facebook page.

The use of a Facebook Pixel

We often write about the Facebook Pixel and answer the question of whether or not you can still advertise without it.

Before we go any further, here’s a short introduction of what the Facebook Pixel can do.

A Facebook Pixel is a piece of code that can be placed on a website. In the case of managing time slots, the Facebook Pixel is connected to the ticket shop/reservation system. The Facebook Pixel tracks which guests have reserved a time slot, or at what phase of the purchasing process they quit. This information is incredibly valuable and can help you to optimise the involvement of your guests. Since you know which guests left the shop at what point, you can use that information to retarget certain guests. Retargeting is the technical term for ‘love at second sight’, and makes it possible to specifically target ads at a group that has bailed somewhere along the purchasing process.

Communicate through your website

Your website is your digital helpdesk. You can put up information about opening times, your contact details, and how to reserve a time slot. The disadvantage of a website is that it can be quite static and only provides information. You can use chatbots to make your website more dynamic, similar to the use of suggested questions and automated responses on Facebook. You can see how we use our chatbot below.

chatbot eventix website time slots communication

Communication through emails

Emails? Isn’t that a bit dated? No! In fact, we wrote an entire blog series about Direct Mailing. Besides that, Dutch national mail research (nationaal mailonderzoek) has shown that 94% of Dutch citizens are subscribed to mailing lists and 72% has purchased something after receiving an email from an organisation. In your case, the purchases will likely be time slot reservations.

In a past blog about what you can do with visitor information, we mentioned email addresses and emails. Emails give you the option of keeping your guests and visitors up-to-date about your company and any changes due to eased measures. Just make sure you don’t send too many emails, which can feel a bit overwhelming and might come across as spam.

Do you feel like you’re missing out on information? Or do you have a suggestion for a blog or another question about how to keep guests involved? We’re happy to help! Send us a message in the chat in the bottom-right corner of the screen or send an email to info@eventix.io.

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