How the Eventix App Library can help you as an organiser

28 September, 2021 - 4 min. read

Eventix' new "App Library" offers useful tools to organisers to make their ticket sales even easier. Within the App Library, external developers have the possibility to develop tools and make them available to everyone. Read more about the App Library in this blog and find out which useful apps are already available for use.

What is the Eventix App Library?
The Eventix system is based on an open API. This means that our system can be linked to external parties relatively easily. For many organizers, this offers a good way to combine useful tools and websites with our ticket sales system. To make this easier, we now have one overview in the Dashboard where you can find all integrations: the Eventix App Library.

You can compare it with Apple's App Store, where you can search for apps that can perform a certain function for you. In the case of the Eventix App Library, you can search for tools that can be added to your ticket shop and/or Dashboard. These tools can support you with your ticket sales, marketing and logistics.

Reach your ticket buyers with MailChimp
One of the most popular tools in the Eventix App Library is the MailChimp app. When you connect to MailChimp through this app, the data of your ticket buyers is automatically added to the chosen mailing list within MailChimp. This link saves you a lot of time and effort because you don't have to add all your ticket buyers to your mailing list manually. Through MailChimp you can now easily send emails to all your ticket buyers at the same time with updates about your event.

Daily updates
Other useful plug-ins are Slack and E-mail notifications. With these tools, you can get a daily update about your ticket sales, either via Slack or via e-mail. This way, you're always up to date on how many tickets you've sold.

Scannable QR codes
Do you want a QR code for your ticket shop? Then you can easily create one using the QR code generator. QR codes can be used to guide potential ticket buyers into your shop, for example at the door of your event or on a flyer or poster of your event.

What advantages does the Eventix App Library have for me?
Through the Dashboard, you can access the Eventix Library. Here you can find everything in a convenient overview, instead of on a complicated external website. All other important advantages for you as an organizer at a glance:

  • Added value
    We want to support our organisers in all aspects of their ticket sales. Think for example of handy tools to optimise marketing or to make logistics easier. This is how we help you as an organiser to get the most out of your ticket sales.

  • Free integrations
    Thanks to our customised integrations, organisers do not need to develop complicated plug-ins and integrate them with Dashboard. We have taken care of everything for you: just connect via the App Library and you can start using the free tools right away.

  • New tools and plug-ins
    Get to know tools and plug-ins that you haven't used yet. Maybe you hadn't thought of certain parties that will eventually prove to be very useful for your ticket sales or marketing.

External Developers
Anyone can develop tools and integrations and add them to the Eventix App Library. The apps you see are developed by external developers, but anyone with an Eventix account can use them. If you have any questions about a tool, please contact its developer.

Check out the Eventix App Library here!

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