Eventix Essentials: Flexible payments

Max 17 September, 2019 - 3 min. read

As you may know, we pay out your ticket revenue weekly. We do this because we believe that a flexible working method helps you as an organiser. You can read about this method in the blog!

Eventix Essentials: Flexible payments

When do you receive the revenue from your ticket sales?

The most important question! You receive revenue from any tickets that were sold between Monday and Sunday of the previous week. We process this payment on Tuesday, so the turnover is in your bank account on Wednesday.

Why are weekly payments our standard?

Ticket sales are probably your largest source of income. We believe that you deserve to have the turnover in your account as quickly as possible. Many ticketing parties only send you your revenue after the event; a method that does not fit with our vision of helping you as quickly and flexibly as possible.

By using weekly payouts, we give you a current state of your cash flow. If your event suddenly sells more tickets in a week than expected, you’ll have more budget available immediately. This allows you to use any extra money for your event.

EVENTIX TIP: Want to generate more revenue for your event? You can do so by adding optional products such as coins, bus tickets and parking tickets to a ticket shop. We see that event organisers who add optional products to their ticket shop have a significant increase in revenue compared to ticket sales without optional products.

The flexible adjustment of payouts

You can flexibly change the payout period. Do you want to be paid weekly, monthly or after your revenue has reached a certain amount? No problem! In the company settings on the Eventix Dashboard, you can instantly change the way we pay you out. We allow you to adjust this because every organiser has different preferences.

Refunds with your permission

When a visitor requests money back from a purchased ticket, we refer the visitor to you for permission first. We will not refund any money until we have received your permission to do so. Moreover, according to the right of withdrawal (14 days, money-back rule), you do not have to permit a request for a refund.

Your money is safe in a third-party account

The revenue from your ticket sales comes into a third-party account (or quality account). De Nederlandse Bank supervises this account.

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