A guided tour through Facebook Business Suite

Max 8 October, 2020 - 6 min. read

Facebook has launched its Business Suite! This new addition eliminates the need for separate logins when managing your Instagram and Facebook business accounts. Join our guided tour, and you'll see what else you can do with the latest update!

Facebook is an invaluable tool when it comes to organising your event, but because of the vast number updates and changes Facebook has implemented in recent years, you sometimes couldn't see the forest for the trees; until now.

A guided tour through Facebook Business Suite

With the launch of the Business Suite, Facebook wants to offer an overview of different business accounts. You could equate the Business suite to a kind of control room for your business accounts on both Facebook and Instagram.

In this blog, you’ll read:

  • What you can do with Facebook Business Suite
  • What the new interface looks like
  • How to use Facebook Business Suite

What can you do with Facebook Business Suite?

Using Facebook Business Suite, you can keep track of your various business accounts in one place. Easily manage your Facebook and Instagram content, notifications and ads using this brand new control room.

How can you use Facebook Business Suite?

1. A general overview of Facebook Business Suite

Go to Facebook Business. Since Facebook is rolling out its updates step by step, you may not be able to use the Business Suite just yet. If that’s the case, don't forget to save this blog and come back to join the tour at a later time.

facebook business suite overview

The first thing you’ll notice is that Facebook has cut down a lot of those pesky trees we spoke about before. The layout is more logical, and you can easily switch between different company accounts by selecting another account in the top left corner.

In addition, you can instantly see how your recent posts are performing, you can open messages in Messenger, and view the statistics pouring in from Facebook and Instagram.

EVENTIX TIP: Link your Instagram business account to Facebook. If you want to get the most out of Facebook Business Suite, we recommend linking your Instagram business account to Facebook. Please refer to this manual to learn how to do this.

2. Activity in Facebook Business Suite

Now we’ve had a peek at the general overview, we’ll go over to 'Activity' in Facebook Business Suite. This section isn’t very exciting because these are simply the notifications of engagements on your Facebook page; things such as 'likes', reactions and 'shares'.

Facebook business suite activity

3. Your inbox in Facebook Business Suite

This is where the magic happens Whereas the 'renewed' Activity page in point 2 wasn’t so exciting, the renewed inbox is. The Inbox update will sound much more like music to the ears of any event organiser who uses their fair share of Instagram and Facebook.

You can find all of your received messages here. Whether it's a Direct Message via Instagram, a message in Messenger or a reply to a post, they all come in here.

EVENTIX TIP: Set up automatic responses with Facebook Business Suite. In addition to the fact that all your visitors’ and fans’ messages come in here, Facebook offers the possibility of setting up a few automatic responses. You can do this by clicking on the bottom icon.

Below, you’ll see what the page looks like if you want to respond to a Facebook post.

facebook business suite post direct message instagram

4. Posts in Facebook Business Suite

Now that we’ve had a look at the inbox, we’ll swing on over to the posts in Facebook Business Suite. The term messages may be confusing since you might associate them with the inbox that we just looked at, but in this case, it concerns the posts you post and how much engagement a particular post has.

In addition to being able to see the engagement, this is also where you can plan posts and can change the period covered by your posting overview. This function is ideal if you want to dive into the archives and see how posts have performed in the past.

facebook business suite posts inbox

5. Advertisements in Facebook Business Suite

One of the most important things you need to know is how your ads are performing. In previous versions, you could quickly end up in a maze, but now, the renewed Ads in Facebook Business Suite make this a walk in the park.

As you can see; the various advertising objectives are clearly visible. This overview makes it easy to see the most important statistics of an advertisement at a glance. When you click on 'Show Results' you have access to all statistics of the specific ad.

ads advertisements facebook business suite

6. Insights in Facebook Business Suite

To measure is to know! If you navigate to the Insights in Facebook Business Suite, you’ll see an overview with general figures, trends and target groups. What’s (especially) interesting here are the figures relating to your target group(s). If you know a person's age, gender and place of residence, you have the basic equipment you’ll need to create a so-called persona.

What is a persona?
A persona is the personification of your target group (''who is my ideal visitor?'') as well as a cross-section of the most important and relevant characteristics for your event.

The persona of a master class for businesswomen could be an enterprising and ambitious woman in her late twenties or early thirties, who is aware of trends in the business world. Of course, that’s an assumption, but you can confirm that assumption with the statistics about your target group(s).

Insights Facebook business suite persona

If you'd like, you can export the data about your target group as a CSV file.

7. More tools in Facebook Business Suite

Finally, Facebook Business Suite offers 'more tools', which is a menu that contains the settings you’ll probably only look at from time to time. The most important settings are:

  • Ad manager (you can also find these when you click on 'Show Results' under 'Ads in Facebook Business Suite').
  • Commerce manager (if, for example, you want to sell merchandise via Instagram and Facebook).
  • Event manager.

This concludes our tour of Facebook Business Suite! If you have any questions, our guides are happy to answer any of your questions through info@eventix.io, or through the chat in the bottom-right corner of your screen.

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