Our roadmap to carbon neutrality

Andy 20 December, 2021 - 4 min. read

In our ever-changing world, we believe that we need to take responsibility to ensure that we’re doing more good than harm. We also believe that before you can enact change, you need to look inward. This led us to take a critical look at our CO2 emissions, make plans to reduce them and decide on a course of action to compensate for the remaining emissions. Below, you’ll see what this process looked like, our plans, and what we learned along the way.

Mapping out our carbon footprint

The first step on our journey to become carbon neutral was to create a comprehensive overview of our CO2 emissions. In order to determine our emissions, we used the CO2 emission factors set up by the Dutch government in partnership with organisations such as SKAO, Stimular, Connekt and Milieu Centraal.

While looking into this, we quickly identified four key points of emission: accommodation, commuting, cloud hosting servers, and business-related travel.


We determined that, based on the energy and gas usage across our various offices, our monthly emissions came to about 900 kg CO2.


We made a run-down of each of our employees’ commute to work, taking into account their mode of transport and the length of their commute. By doing so, we discovered that the commute to work was leading to about 1 ton of CO2 emission a month.

Eventix Cloud

For our cloud hosting, we make use of two different data centres. Based on the power usage of
our data transfers, we were able to calculate that our servers cause about 860 kg of CO2 per month.

Business-related travel

When it comes to long-distance travel, we decided to tackle this on a case by case basis and make donations accordingly.

Reducing our emissions

When it comes to CO2-emissions prevention is key. That's why we took a closer look at our emissions and how we could reduce them before we began compensating.

We’re lucky enough to be a mobile-first digital platform that delivers a service that produces relatively little emissions; this means that there's only so much we could do to reduce emissions altogether. What we did do was the following:

  • In our office, we no longer print and work entirely digital.
  • We ensured all our waste was recycled.
  • We committed to running or cloud hosting servers on data centres running off renewable energy.
  • We ask our employees to be mindful of how they commute, where possible.

Compensating with Trees for All

Partnering up with Trees for All, we found a way to compensate for our remaining monthly emissions, which came to about 2.9 tons of CO2. The Utrecht-based Trees for All specialises in planting trees at home and abroad, and currently has 57 projects across the globe that have either been completed or are in progress. Taking full advantage of Trees for All's expertise and guidance, we discovered several exciting projects through which we could offset our emissions.


The money we donate to Trees for All will be spent on combating deforestation in Bolivia through the ArBolivia project. This project supports local farmers by enriching their fields with indigenous trees. They plant these plots on degraded land as agroforestry; a mixture of sustainable forestry and agriculture, and the chosen species are resistant to the effects of climate change.

The project contributes to more carbon sequestration, more sustainable land use and a better economic situation for the farming families. Moreover, by participating in the ArBolivia project, farmers won’t need to cut down any more forests in the future. The revenue gained from the carbon credits goes towards training farmers in good management as well as towards the planting of new climate-resistant forest plots.

We invite you and your ticket buyers to join us

We didn’t want to stop at compensating for our own carbon footprint. It was important to us that we extend the opportunity of reducing our impact on the world to our organisers and their ticket buyers. To achieve this, you now have the choice to add the ‘Offset CO2 emissions’ option to our ticket shops. This way, ticket buyers can contribute to the offsetting of carbon emissions by making a small donation.

How ticket buyers can contribute

When ticket buyers are completing their order, they are presented with the opportunity to offset some of the carbon emissions of their event experience by making a donation of €1. We send 100% of those funds straight to Trees for All who dedicate them to their ongoing projects.

Read how to turn on the ‘Offset CO2 emissions’ option.

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