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Andy 3 September, 2020 - 5 min. read

Third-party ticketing has some severe problems. Fraud and scalpers have made it difficult for genuine ticket buyers and sellers to transfer tickets effectively. At Eventix, we feel we owe it to our ticket buyers and sellers to provide the safest possible environment in which to sell secondhand tickets, which is why we’ve chosen to work with TicketSwap - the cutting edge in the fight against fraud.

So, how do you tackle this problem? How can you protect your visitors from fraud and extortionate pricing? What does Eventix do to tackle this problem?

The answer to these questions is fairly simple: TicketSwap.

In this blog, you’ll learn:

  • What TicketSwap is and how it works
  • What Secure Swap is and what it means for your Eventix tickets
  • What TicketSwap’s pricing is

What is TicketSwap?

TicketSwap is a third-party ticketing service which provides a safe and secure platform on which ticket holders can resell their tickets. The company prides itself on its ability to prevent fraud by working together with its organisers and partners.

How does TicketSwap work?

If a visitor is unable to attend an event or has spare tickets, they can post these tickets on TicketSwap within a few clicks. All you have to do after that point is wait for them to send you a notification that they’ve found you a buyer.

Every seller’s phone number and email address are checked to verify their identity. There is even an option for sellers to share a social media account on their profile, which, alongside the standard name and picture, can help convince a potential buyer that they’re dealing with a real person. You can also see whether they’ve sold tickets before.

Besides checking the sellers, TicketSwap also checks the validity of any tickets. Tickets need to be uploaded before they can be sold, and are promptly matched with the location, date, and price of the event. TicketSwap also checks the barcodes against any other barcodes in the system to help avoid duplicates.

The only safer way of transferring third-party tickets is with TicketSwap’s extended functionality; Secure Swap.

What is Secure Swap?

There is an even better way of tackling fraud in third-party ticketing systems, which goes above and beyond by ensuring that every resold ticket is unique and new. This technology is known as Secure Swap and is a specific service that TicketSwap offers through partnerships to particular ticket companies, venues, and event organisers.

Eventix is one of a small handful of ticketing services that support Secure Swap, which means that any ticket purchased through Eventix can be swapped on TicketSwap using this technology.

How does Secure Swap work?

As soon as you buy an Eventix ticket through TicketSwap, we generate a brand new barcode for that ticket and instantly invalidate the previous barcode. You'll also receive your unique new ticket immediately. This process means that there is a guarantee that your ticket won’t be the subject of fraud.

Secure Swap is the only way of genuinely guaranteeing safety in third-party ticketing, and comes at no additional cost on top of the standard TicketSwap margins. You can recognise an event that supports Secure Swap by the logo and verification checkmark at the top of the page.

Refunds with SecureSwap

Allowing visitors to buy and sell tickets safely on the secondhand market is still not the standard within the ticketing industry; which continues to cause a lot of stress among visitors, organisers, and artists - something we think is outdated. That's why we’ve had a link with Ticketswap for almost 5 years!

Secure Swap allows us (unlike our competitors) to know exactly who the last owner of a particular ticket is. If there is ever a cancelled event, for instance, the right person always receives a refund, whereas any people who sold the ticket via TicketSwap will not receive any refunds. We run through these refunds together with the organisation and TicketSwap to ensure this process goes smoothly.

ticketswap secure swap logo verification
Source: TicketSwap.com

What is TicketSwap’s pricing?

First of all, it’s important to point out that buyers can’t inflate the price of their tickets past 20% of the original ticket price. This limit is to withhold people from buying tickets from the organisers in bulk and demanding extortionate prices for their tickets on third-party websites, thereby protecting the fans of the event.

Additionally, TicketSwap takes 5% of the ticket price from both the buyer and seller. On top of these costs, there may be an additional 3%, depending on the payment method.

Once a buyer is found, the seller will be informed by email, and the money will be transferred to their account within three business days.

ticketswap pricing
Source: TicketSwap.com

How do I make sure my event sells its tickets through Secure Swap?

As an event organiser, you want to ensure that your visitors can buy and sell their tickets as safely as possible, and what better way to do so than Secure Swap? Well, as we mentioned before: any ticket Eventix ticket can be sold as a Secure Swap ticket on TicketSwap, which means that as long as you use Eventix, you’ll be providing your visitors with the best possible platform on which to resell their tickets.

If you aren’t yet selling tickets through Eventix but would like to offer your visitors an improved experience, you can head over to our Dashboard and create an account right away!

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