How you can sell more tickets with TikTok’s 1 billion monthly active users

Andy 24 August, 2022 - 8 min. read

Over the last few years, TikTok has become one of the world's largest social media platforms. By using TikTok to promote your event, you can enhance your reach and achieve better results. In this blog, you'll read how to promote your event and sell more tickets through TikTok.

The growth of TikTok

Since its emergence in 2017, TikTok has become the fifth-largest social media platform, with over 1 billion active users worldwide. Despite having just over one-third of the monthly active users of Facebook, TikTok users engage an average of 10 hours more per month (as of 2022).

sell tickets tiktok growth 2022

In 2021, TikTok generated around $4.6 billion in revenue and had 1.2 billion monthly active users in Q4 2021. This number is expected to reach 1.8 billion by the end of 2022. Despite only releasing in 2017, TikTok has been downloaded over three billion times between then and 2021, falling just short of Facebook for downloads in the same period. It’s important to keep in mind that Facebook’s statistics have been steadily declining while TikTok’s continue to grow.

sell tickets tiktok growth downloads

sell tickets tiktok growth downloads 2017 2022

Why sell tickets through TikTok?


It’s important to note that while TikTok initially seemed to appear as a craze among younger generations, that demographic has changed considerably over the past couple of years.

Although slightly more than half (53%) of TikTok’s users are aged 20-39, the other half of users are split between the ages of 10-19 (28%) and 40-49+ (19%). This division means that the demographics are becoming increasingly broad and, therefore, more interesting when it comes to marketing to a range of age groups.

Interestingly, the young nature of TikTok’s demographic range is more suited to the promotion of many types of events.

sell tickets tiktok demographics age

sell tickets tiktok demographics age facebook


One thing that differentiates TikTok from other social media platforms is that TikTok makes it easier for you to reach new users organically. Whereas other platforms such as Facebook and Instagram restrict your trending posts for a short period, TikTok’s algorithm keeps relevant videos up for much longer (up to 90 days). This algorithm means that up to 90 days after posting, certain older videos may still draw engagement.


On average, users in the United States spend 33 minutes on TikTok daily, making it close to Facebook’s average of 35 minutes. Interestingly, the average time spent on TikTok during a single session is around 10 minutes and 51 seconds, double the next-best contender Pinterest, which averages a single session of 5 minutes and 3 seconds. This means that users spend unusually long on the TikTok app browsing or creating video content.

How do I sell tickets directly through TikTok?

As TikTok is primarily a video-based platform, there are currently no ways in which you can directly integrate your ticket shop. The only way you can currently sell tickets for your event through TikTok is by promoting your event on the platform through your organic reach or by paying for featured ads and linking to your ticket shop. There are a variety of ad types that you can use to promote your event on TikTok:

  • TopView
  • Branded Hashtag Challenges
  • Branded Effects
  • In-Feed Ads

Of these, the TopView ads have the highest click-through rate for the call-to-action and the lowest skip rate. In-Feed Ads are also relatively effective and much cheaper to use. If you want to link your ad to your ticket shop, you can follow these steps to find the link. Before posting ads on TikTok, you’ll need to register your account as a business.


TopView ads allow you to capture the users’ attention within the first moments of opening the TikTok app by showing a full-screen video ad of your product. The ad will transition seamlessly into the user's feed, and by tapping on the ad, the user will be taken to your landing page. TikTok claims that TopView ads grab 71% of users' attention and lead to 67% higher sales effectiveness for the consumer packaged goods industry.

Branded Hashtag Challenges

By creating a Branded Hashtag Challenge on TikTok, you can invite users to join you in creating content surrounding your event. You create a hashtag challenge, and users either stumble across your content organically through their ‘Discover’ tab or boosted ads surrounding your challenge. Branded Hashtag Challenges have an average engagement between 8% and 17% and can drastically increase awareness of your event.

Branded Effects

You can create sharable stickers, effects and filters representing or incorporating elements of your event. TikTok users can use these elements to create and enhance user-generated content, which will, in turn, boost user engagement. Imagine a Branded Hashtag Challenge where users can use a specific sticker or filter related to your event.

In-Feed Ads

By taking advantage of in-feed ads, you can create content that will be included in users’ ‘For You’ feeds. You can increase your brand awareness by creating ad content that aligns with the general range of content that TikTok users will appreciate. According to TikTok, 83% of their users claim to find In-Feed Ads on TikTok enjoyable.

Make TikTok’s instead of ads

TikTok is a video-based platform that thrives due to the amount of user-generated content being created.

Users aren’t interested in having their experience interrupted by traditional ads trying to sell them something. In the world of TikTok, content truly is king. By creating fun content that engages with users and invites them to engage with it, you’re more likely to grab users’ attention and successfully promote your event on TikTok.

Boosting your TikTok posts with hashtags

As you might expect, the most popular TikTok hashtags are trivial things such as #tiktok, #love, #funny, #cute etc. From a marketing perspective, it’s best to steer clear of hashtags like these, as your content will likely get lost due to the sheer volume of posted videos. So, how do you choose your hashtags? Well, there are a couple of ways.

Analyse your niche

Go through content relevant to your event and interests and keep track of the hashtags used for those posts. Also, check out your competitors' hashtags and how people respond to them or build on them. You can also build a hashtag to try and boost brand awareness, but remember that simple is better.

Category-focused hashtags

You can also look at using specific hashtags relevant to your post's category or the overarching theme of your event. Here are some examples of effective hashtags per category taken from Influencer Marketing Hub:

Hashtags for Educational Content

#testbook #learning #edutok #knowledge #mindpower #jobtips #careergoals #education #businesstips #learnontiktok #learnwithtiktok

Hashtags for Dance-Related Content

#dancechallenge #badboydance #danceinpublic #dancekpop #dancecover #danceid #dancemoves #dancetutorial #punchdance #dancer #dancevideo #dancemom #dancelove #artist #singing #canttouchthis #tiktokdance #song

Hashtags for Funny Content

#comedy #featurethis #featureme #prank #15svines #trending #1mincomedy #blooper #1minaudition #cat #weirdpets #lol #funnyvideos #justforfun #tiktokcringe #boyfriendprank #prankster

Hashtags for Food-Related Content

#myrecipe #easyrecipe #foodrecipe #mysecretrecipe #veganrecipe #tiktokrecipe #foodislove #healthyfood #newrecipe #videorecipe #recipe #cooking #foodie #tiktokfood

If you’re promoting a food truck festival and want people to join in, you could ask different vendors to make a short video of how they make some of the recipes they’ll be showcasing. When you’re uploading the videos, you could select some of the hashtags from the food-related content list and share the content; ideally, your videos will start gaining traction among the appropriate audience.

How to use TikTok creators to your advantage

TikTok is filled to the brim with very talented creatives who can help boost your brand recognition while increasing trust among your potential followers. At the end of the day, TikTok creatives are influencers, and influencer marketing has been shown to be effective time and time again. For example, you could try approaching popular creators in your region and strike up a deal offering them access to your event in exchange for promoting your event, both before, during and after the event takes place.

If you’re looking for creators in your region, you can check our list below to see who is popular and may be worth contacting.

Popular creators in the United Kingdom

sell tickets tiktok popular creators UK

Popular creators in the Netherlands

sell tickets tiktok popular creators NL

Popular creators in Germany

sell tickets tiktok popular creators DE

Popular creators in France

sell tickets tiktok popular creators FR

Popular creators in Spain

sell tickets tiktok popular creators ES

Popular creators in Portugal

sell tickets tiktok popular creators PT

Popular creators in Turkey

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