Gebr. de Nobel


Every student city needs a booming music scene, which is why in December of 2014 the music venue Gebr. de Nobel was opened in Leiden in the Netherlands. The venue is located in an old factory complex in the heart of the city and boasts two stages; the smaller fits up to 200 people whereas the larger allows for up to 800 people. According to Ruud Visser, Director of Gebr. de Nobel, the larger stage has the best sound of any stage in the Netherlands and possibly the world.

Five years after they opened their doors, Gebr. de Nobel started looking for a ticketing provider that would compliment the high-quality of the experience that they provide for their visitors. They chose Eventix. But why? What did Eventix have to offer that their previous and other ticket systems didn’t?

The Goal

Gebr. de Nobel is dedicated to providing intimate musical experiences of the highest quality. Our goal was to empower them by giving them full control over their data and the way they shape their events while preserving the data collected before they switched to us.

Flexibility and branding

Provide flexible ticketing, with custom integrations and a branded ticket shop

Control over their data

Give them direct access to their data so they can manage and compare it themselves

Import their past data

Retain the data gathered by the previous ticketing provider

A box office solution

Offer on-the-spot hard copy tickets to facilitate door sales and cash payments


The true power of Eventix lies in the fact that it’s a self-service platform with full support. We don’t want to control how you conduct your business, but we’re there to support you when you need it. We empowered Gebr. de Nobel by giving them full control of their service and data.


Create your own events

Our organisers decide what artists they want to book and how much they charge for their tickets. If they want ten types of tickets, they can create them. That’s how it should be. We don’t mingle with their ticket sales, pricing or advertising.

Eventix dashboard settings
Ticket settings

Working with third parties

Gebr. de Nobel now also has the option to work together with external parties in their ticket shop. This opens up a whole plethora of options for collaborations with other event organisers and concept evenings.

Website menu
Third parties in shop

Branded Ticket Shop

We wanted to help Gebr. de Nobel by creating a ticket shop that fit into the branding of their website. The ticket shop is sleek and optimised to convert. The use of Gebr. de Nobel’s branding ensures that the user experience is optimal throughout the purchasing process.

Ticket shop
gebrdenobel shop menu


Before Gebr. de Nobel made the switch to Eventix, one of their main concerns was that they would no longer have access to the data they had previously collected. Data is invaluable to an event organiser, so we always make sure that they retain their information.


Transferring past data

We contacted the previous ticketing provider and asked for exports of the data dating back to 2011. Music venues like this host huge amounts of events, so you can imagine how beefy the data sets were. Nonetheless, our Customer Success team had no trouble cleaning up all the data and importing it into our system.


Tracking & analytics

In the past, Gebr. de Nobel was dependent on their ticketing provider for insight into their analytics. Now, we’ve given them full control. They’re free to track their customers through their ticket shop and advertise to (potential) visitors as they see fit.



Our Dashboard allows organisers to analyse and compare data at their own discretion. The information is always available. No one needs to contact us for exports; they can create their own exports at the click of a few buttons. If they need help, our Customer Success Team is there to lend a hand.


Tickets transferred

The previous ticketing provider had already sold tickets for a number of shows that are upcoming, however, we have now taken over the sales for those shows. We exchange the existing tickets using TicketSwap’s SecureSwap and give the visitors a new Eventix ticket with a valid QR-code. We can swap these tickets even if the previous ticket provider doesn’t have an integration with SecureSwap. This is the safest way to guarantee that paying visitors aren’t turned away at the door.

Hard copy tickets

Gebr. de Nobel wanted the option to print physical hard copy tickets from an on-site point of sale. Selling ticket stubs is actually still a legitimate solution depending on the situation, so this was also a priority for us.

Hard copy tickets

Tickets on location

As Gebr. de Nobel is located in the centre of Leiden, they wanted to have a way to sell tickets to passers-by who want to buy tickets from the box office at the venue itself. Enabling this also meant that they would be able to sell tickets at the door on the day of the event. Selling tickets on location also allows people to pay by cash.

Hard copy tickets

Door Sales & Premium product

Hard copy tickets are handy for facilitating door sales and have the added benefit of feeling like a more premium product. Giving Gebr. de Nobel the tools to produce their own physical tickets from their box office was a priority for us. Of course, the printed tickets are included in the overview of the Eventix Dashboard.

Hard copy tickets

Easy to install

Installing a brand new point of sales isn’t always necessary. In fact, we’re often able to use whatever hardware is already in place. Whether it’s a BOCA printer or a standard laser printer hooked up to a PC, we can probably hook it up to our system.


Integrating the ticket shop with Cashr is only possible due to the technological adaptability of our platform. Our API allows us to merge the functionality of countless systems with our own.


Cashr Integration with our open API

Our open API allows our system to connect and interact with other systems. As such, we can open a direct link to Cashr and integrate their software with their ticket shop, which means that we can also communicate the data from purchases back to them. Resulting in a single overview of all your revenue.

Parking tickets

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