WECANDANCE is a Belgian festival known for transforming the beaches of Zeebrugge into a real-life luxury oasis, complete with different stages, drinks and some of the finest catering Belgium has to offer. Each edition has a different theme, which is represented in the production of the decor and adopted by the festival’s loyal followers. In 2018 WECANDANCE chose for Eventix. There were expected to be 35,000 visitors at the 2019 edition.

One of the many things that make WECANDANCE unique is their partnership with PlayPass, a cashless system which allows visitors to make all purchases at the festival by using a wristband with a chip inside it. This system eliminates the need to use physical tokens on the festival site. One of the problems, however, was that it wasn’t possible to purchase these tokens beforehand in their current ticket shop.

Ideally, we would be able to integrate with PlayPass and provide WECANDANCE with a one-stop-shop where visitors could purchase their drink ‘tokens’ and other optional products - such as parking access - along with their tickets. Needless to say, we were excited to rise to the occasion.


WECANDANCE provides an immersive thematic experience which draws devoted visitors back year after year. We wanted to ensure our service was designed in a way that made that experience as carefree as possible, from start to finish.

A unique ticketshop

Create an optimised ticket shop that breathes WECANDANCE in all aspects

Marketing setup

Increase turnover and have a larger budget available before the event

Seamless integration

Load credits onto visitors' wristbands before they even reach the festival


When it comes to creating an immersive experience for your guests, ticket shops often stick out like a sore thumb. We wanted to take the visitor’s experience one step further and offer them a sleek ticket shop, using an optimised flow and authentic branding.

iPhone mockup
Best Way To Sell Your Tickets

The Optimal Flow

We had to keep in mind that visitors would be buying a number of different products; tickets for multiple days, VIP-passes, parking tickets as well as credits for food and drinks. At WECANDANCE these credits are known as “W’s”. We wanted to make it possible for visitors to purchase all their products before they even reach the festival, which would allow us to give them one ticket to access all their products with.

ticket flow
Custom Shop

Purchasing Festival Tokens

To make this work as smoothly as possible, we added a step in the purchasing process where anybody purchasing tickets would be able to add W’s straight to their wristband. To incentivise visitors to make use of this system, WECANDANCE offered package deals which allowed visitors to purchase €50,- worth of W’s and get an extra €5,- worth for free, for example.

Eventix festival credits
Add W's
Custom Shop

Parking Tickets

Adding too many options to a screen can stop visitors from seeing the forest for the trees. We separated the parking tickets from the normal tickets by adding a unique step, which helped us to avoid clutter on the landing page and provide an altogether smoother shopping experience.

Eventix parking ticket details
Eventix parking ticket
Custom Shop

A Single QR-Code

Once they’re done, visitors will have purchased quite a number of products, including their entrance tickets, tokens and any other additional products. We make it easy for visitors by giving them a single ticket with which they can collect all their purchased products in one go at the festival entrance.

Eventix QR code
WCD shop menu
Custom Shop

Authentic Branding

The best way to ensure authenticity is to allow them to decide what kind of design suits their branding best. They create a design, we make it functional. By following their wishes we ensure that the ticket shop blends seamlessly with their website and that any (recurring) visitors are given the full WECANDANCE experience throughout the entire purchasing process.

Personal details
Eventix festival credits

Facts & Figures


Optional products sold


More revenue before event


Traditional techniques fall short when it comes to marketing tickets for a modern festival. We felt we could achieve much more by making smart use of Facebook Pixel and other trackers to retarget bounced traffic.

Retarget Your Ticketshop Visitors

Optimised Marketing Flow

We introduced trackers and pixels into each step of the ticket shop’s purchasing process, allowing us to follow the steps potential visitors take throughout the ticket shop. We can lead visitors who have left at a particular step back into the purchasing process by retargeting them. If a visitor purchases a ticket, they are excluded from the retargeting campaigns. This process allows for pinpoint accuracy.

marketing flow


Integrating our ticket shop with PlayPass’ cashless system is only possible due to the technological adaptability of our platform. Our API allows us to merge the functionality of countless systems with our own.


How were we able to integrate PlayPass into our system?

Our open API allows our system to connect and interact with other systems. Our API lets us open a direct link to PlayPass and integrate their products in our ticket shop, which means that we can also communicate the data from purchases back to them. When someone scans one of our QR-codes, they are able to retrieve all the information related to that visitor and provide them with the correct products on their PlayPass wristband.

Parking tickets

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