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Completely automated, entirely free

Complete data ownership

Maintain full data ownership with our platform, enabling unparalleled tracking accuracy and precision retargeting to cultivate your loyal audience. Make exports at any time and allow your data to work for you.

Find any order

Never lose track of a purchase with our ticket buyer order tracking. Find any ticket buyer's orders with just a few clicks, ensuring a smooth and efficient customer service experience.

Guestlist invites

Invite guests individually or broaden your reach with an invite link, letting guests fill in their details. Simplify your event planning process, foster engagement, and build a sense of community all in one go.

Compare any of your events

Unleash the power of comparison with our platform and effortlessly analyse data from your various events. Discover patterns, optimise strategies, and boost your event success rate with clear, actionable insights.

Sell tickets for new events with ease

Our Dashboard allows you to create new ticket shops for your events within a few clicks, enabling you to set up and start selling tickets in moments, not hours.

Connected with the best tools

Increase your efficiency by connecting the ticket shop to your favourite tools and automating time-consuming processes



Connect Eventix with Zapier and start automating processes.



Automatically add your ticket buyers to your mailing list in a GDPR-friendly way.



Turn on SecureSwap to ensure that your tickets can be resold safely.



Connect with Tixel to ensure that your tickets can be resold safely.



Receive a daily update of your ticket sales in a Slack channel of your choice.



Automatically add your ticket buyers to your Brevo account.

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Trusted by more than 10,000 organisations around the world

Their innovative ticketing platform aligns perfectly with our vision for the festival, and we are excited to work together to create an unforgettable experience for our attendees.


It’s the flexibility they have to build things that are not there yet and to always look for what can be improved, no matter how small the detail.If something can't be done, Eventix will just build it themselves.


Eventix has actually made sure that we can organise all our events with different companies and that the right financial flows per company are properly handled.


The advantages for us are that we offer our loyal guests a reliable system where sales are fair and clear and our visitors don't feel like they're struggling against a secondhand market.

Woodstock '69