Try our Demo!

Through the demo you can experience how it is to order a ticket as a visitor for our Example event. Accordingly you can scan the ticket as would be done at the door of the event. For questions you can always contact us!

Step 1: Order tickets

For demonstration purposes we’ve created the Example so you can experience how it is to use the ticketing system.

To the right you’ll see the ticketshop that you will be able to integrate into your own website or Facebook page for your own event. As you can see there are different types of tickets available. We’ve set the price of the demo ticket to $ 0,00 so you will be able to order this without having to checkout via a payment option.

We integrated the same module in Facebook, so you will be able to see how that looks as well. Check out the Eventix Facebook page. After integration in Facebook a button appears saying “ticketshop” that will take you to the shop within facebook.

Step 2: Open your tickets

You’ve now received the ordered tickets in your mailbox.
The ticketshop now gives you the possibility to check the status of your order, or to start a new order.

Step 3: Scan your tickets

The organization of the event can scan tickets at the door using the Eventix smartphone application. To try this out you will have to download the app in the Appstore for iOS, or Playstore for Android devices.

Android: Google Playstore - Eventix app
iPhone: Apple Appstore - Eventix app

After downloading log in with the details of the event. For the example event you can login using: :

Event ID: 22472
Password: demo

You can now scan the tickets that you opened in step 2 using your own smartphone. Scanning is quick and easy, and can be done using multiple phone at the same time.

Demo completed?

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