Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently asked questions by our visitors

If you have not received your tickets we advise you to wait for half an hour. If the tickets have still not arrived please click the button below

Recover Tickets

You can but it is not needed. The QR code on your ticket can be scanned from the screen on your phone. Do not forget to charge your phone!

Frequently asked questions by organisers

Our ticket service was developed in cooperation with a non-profit party with the goal of getting rid of the high service costs customers had to pay on online tickets. Only later we brought our product to market with a commercial goal, however still with the lowest service costs of all ticket service providers.

The system is fully automated, which saves us costs and makes the system more sturdy, eliminating human errors. Another way we save costs is by offering our clients the possibility to scan using their own smartphone instead of purchasing expensive laser-scanning equipment. The costs we save, result in the low prices you pay as one of our customers.

With our low priced ticket service (€1,00 service costs per ticket, and no transaction costs) we want to give event organizers the opportunity to sell tickets online against a normal rate.

Many ticket providers claim they have a free ticket service, because the visitor is paying the service fee. This means the organization is paying nothing which makes it free for them.

Eventix allows you to choose whether you want to include the service fee in the ticket price, meaning the event organizer is paying for the service, or have the visitor pay for the service costs on top of the ticket price, making the use of Eventix free of charge for the event organizer.

In our backend you can configure per ticket type who pays for the $ 1,00 service costs.

You can even distribute part of the costs to both parties, organizer and visitor. Most event organizers have the service costs charged to the visitor.

If a visitor asks you to resend their tickets you can help them yourself.

In the dashboard you go to Orders > Order list. There you can search for the order and download the ticket by clicking the eye-icon in the right column. You can then send them the ticket as an email attachment.

Another option is to have the customer resend the ticket themselves. Via our FAQ for visitors visitors can follow a series of steps to resend the tickets to their email address.