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Upselling Tickets

As an event organiser, you want to reach your audience and increase your revenue; which is why Eventix is perfect for you! Eventix allows you to offer your guests additional products such as tokens, shuttle passes, and merchandise before your event has even started. By doing so, you will generate more revenue before the event.


Are you organising an event soon? A club night, theatre performance, festival, or workshop? Creating a basic event with Eventix can be done in the flick of a switch. You can get your sales started in three easy steps.


Are you organising an elaborate event? Or one that spans several days? Would you like to use combo tickets or offer various lectures? Would you like to sell merchandise and tokens in your ticket shop? Then our extended option is best for you. More features for the same price.

Customize Ticket Sales

Ticket background

Let your tickets reflect your brand. You can upload a custom ticket design which uses your branding as the background for your tickets.

Visitor Information

Find out who your target audience is! Our system allows you to collect information by letting you pose questions to your customers during the ordering process. By doing so, you can find out more about the desires of your audience. This information can help make your next event even more successful.

Always a Shop that fits your needs

Custom Shop

By manually picking the colours that match your branding perfectly, you can make your ticket shop your own. If you are interested in creating an entirely personalised shop, feel free to contact us! Click here for an example.

Hyper Responsive

Your ticket shop will seamlessly integrate itself into any device the customers are using to purchase their tickets.

Any Language, Any Payment Method

Your ticket shop recognises the native language of the user and will adapt itself so that they feel comfortable. Furthermore, we have access to all commonly used payment methods, which means your customers will always be able to purchase their tickets via their preferred method.

Create More than One Shop

By creating more than one shop, you can maintain an overview of your different events and tickets. You could provide VIP tickets for a particular group, or create a shop for media and press only.

Promote your event


By using a tracking link, you can see exactly how many clicks, leads and sales have come out of your online marketing. Whether you send an email, post a message on Facebook or tweet about your event, by using tracking links, you can measure the results.


Facebook and Instagram have become essential channels through which you can promote your events. With access to over 3.3 billion of their combined users, you can get the most out of your ad campaigns.

Google Ads

Whether you would like to advertise in the search engine or on YouTube, we will communicate with Google to make sure your information is as accessible as possible. By doing so, you can get the most of your ad campaigns within Google's platforms.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an incredible tool for doing deep-dive analysis on the traffic to your website and ticket shop. For instance, are your visitors reaching the necessary pages? Where is the traffic coming from? And where are they leaving your site?

Invite your Guests


You can import entire guest lists for your event; this allows you to invite large groups of visitors in one go by sending each of them a ticket. You don't need to fumble about manually; you can send all your guests tickets in a couple of clicks.

One by One

You can create a guest list in a couple of steps. Add guests to the list, and they will instantly receive an email with their personal ticket, which will make it easy for them to enter on the day of the event.

Entrance Management

Up to 1000 Tickets

Experience the power of our scanners! Our scanners can scan up to 1000 tickets per scanner per hour, which keeps both the waiting times outside your venue short. This way, your visitors can enjoy your event for the maximum possible timeframe.

Real Time Insights

Our scanners will give you a real-time overview of how many tickets your team has scanned. This overview allows you to stay on top of how many guests have arrived and how many you can still expect.

Every Device is a Scanner

Turn any phone or tablet into a scanner! Download the Eventix Scan App from the Play Store (for Android 5 or above) or App Store (for iOS 10.0 or above) and your device will turn into a functional ticket scanner for your events.

Online and Offline

It may occur that while you are scanning tickets you have a sudden loss of internet access. Don't worry; our scanners will be able to continue doing their job. Once the connection to the internet has been restored, our scanners will automatically synchronise, and you will once again have a real-time overview of your visitor numbers.

Eventix Uniques

Flexible Payments

You will receive the revenue of your ticket sales weekly, thus making sure that your cash flow is always up-to-date. If you would prefer a different frequency of your payout, that is also possible.

Seasonal Ticketing

One ticket to enter them all! You can choose to offer your customers a seasonal ticket. You can send a pass to your seasonal ticket holders which will give them full access to all your team's matches, events and club nights.


Avoid ticket fraud! We have entered into a partnership with TicketSwap. Together, we have established a SecureSwap system which makes fraud impossible.

Data Ownership

You have the freedom to manage your data, because - unlike our competitors - any data collected by Eventix is entirely your property. You decide what happens with your data; we're merely the middlemen who provide you with the tools you need to get the most out of your ticket sales.


Optimise your conversion rates by drawing out your seating plan, creating specific tickets, and allowing your visitors to reserve their spots.

Starting Numbers

Choose for structure! If you're hosting a sports event, such as a race or survival run, we'll make sure the participants are assigned a starting number. Then we'll link their starting number to their tickets.


Eventix offers an open API which makes it easy to connect with third parties such as MailChimp, TicketSwap and Facebook. Generate more conversions by linking your marketing software to Eventix.

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