Feature Your branding, everywhere

Personal branding throughout emails, tickets and ticket shops.

You have put all this time and energy in coming up with a certain ‘feel’ to your event. We encourage this and want to make the experience you deliver to be authentic and whole.

That is why we give you the option to brand your event into the smallest details, including fully customizable emails, ticket shops and ticket design.

Everything will be done by your branding, making the experience whole. From the moment attendees order their ticket!

Feature Advanced entrance management

Scan a 1000 visitors an hour per scanner with unlimited scanners and real time insights

The Eventix scan app makes every phone a scanner and is downloadable from the app store. It can be used for the whole duration of the event online as well as offline. The app also gives you real time insights about your attendees, how many have checked in and at what time.

Let us handle the mechanics of scanning and tickets so you can focus on more urgent tasks.

Feature Localised ticketing

Our system adapts to wherever your visitors buy tickets

You can attract people from all over the world with your event. When they decide to purchase a ticket, we have got you covered. The moment the visitor visits our website, we detect what language their browser is using and switch to the person's language preferences. The system will also automatically adapt for the currencies in that region. Currently, we support the following languages: English, Dutch, French, Chinese, Spanish, German and Portuguese

Feature Data Analytics

Work smarter with analytics

Data is becoming more important every day. That is why we optimised all our tools to gather data you can use to improve your event. You can also add your questions to the ticket buying ritual. Therefore, you can enhance your event in any way you would like.

When your visitor logs in with their Facebook account to buy a ticket, we automatically gather the information from their Facebook. Therefore, we make the bond between you and your visitor more personal.

The choice is up to you. We have many questions you can ask before someone can buy a ticket. However, you can also add your questions or leave them out.

They are your visitors, get to know them.

Feature Automated visitor feedback

Keep improving by easy and fast feedback through surveys.

You are only as good as your last event. Therefore, we think it is wise for you to ask your dear visitors for feedback. Through our partnership with Hugo, you will get a clear overview of what your visitors enjoyed best and thought could use improvement.

Use this knowledge to your advantage!

Feature 24/7 helpdesk

We are here for you

We know the branches we work with operate 24/7. At Eventix we believe that learning comes from listening. Therefore, we look forward to learning with you and guide you through our system. Whenever you reach out to us, we will listen and help you on your way. You can email, call and chat with us at any time.

We are sure that we can work it out together. We are here for you.

Feature Import your guest list

Upload your guest list and send tickets with ease .

We want all your visitors to have a smooth experience. But since you have taken particular interest for the people on your guest list, so will we. If you upload your guest list, we will make sure they get the tickets.

This way there won’t be any problems with missing guests on your list. If you decide to add someone at the last moment, you can send them tickets directly via your Eventix dashboard.

Feature Send invoices

Financial clarity for your visitors through automation

We understand that invoices are essential for you and your clients. Through our system, invoices are sent easily to other parties.

Attendees can print tax invoices from the order confirmation email. Organisers can print tax invoices on behalf of visitors.

Feature Scalable servers

Online queueing is a thing of the past, why wait?

People hate queueing. When people queue for tickets a lot of them, sadly, give up. We think you and your visitors deserve better than that.

Our scalable servers ensure your ticket shop can handle any amount of tickets, meaning, there is no queue time for your ticket sales. Everyone will get through, leading to happy customers.

While the visitors thank you for not having to wait, the email with the ticket is sent within five minutes of finalising the order.

Feature Marketing tools

Get deeper visitor insights by using the marketing tools of the biggest brands.

At Eventix we have many features all designed to make your daily life and selling tickets easier. So how do we do it?

Feature You own your data

Your event, your data, your benefits

Visitor information is key to improving your event and understanding your target group. It truly is the fastest way your event can reach its full potential.

Privacy is something we value highly. Therefore, the information your visitors confidently provide will not be shared with anyone besides you.

Let us know what data you would like to collect, and we will help you with that. This way you can improve your event in the direction you want to take.

And please, be careful with the data you collect.

Feature Your money, your payment plan

Enjoy a constant, flexible cash flow to your preference

If we say flexible, we mean flexible. You will be able to get your payments done daily, weekly, after a certain threshold or on request! Also, the payments made to affiliates will pay automatically. This way payments will be made fair and quickly, as we have always done.

We know that a steady cash flow is significant and different events need different cash flows.

Feature Connect your POS with Eventix

Get your box office in sync with your online sales .

We mainly work online. However, if you would like to work offline, we’ve got you covered.

Your point of sales syncs directly with our online system giving you one clear overview of all ticket sales made.

Feature One ticket with all products

We want our tickets to live up to their full potential

We have made it possible to get all the information you need on one ticket. Any number of products can be set on our tickets. A few examples are; where attendees sit, the name of their company and any food preferences.

So be sure to make one ticket including all products, this is easier for you and your visitors.

Explore the possibilities of Eventix tickets!

Feature Enjoy longer with Seasonal Event Tickets

Live through the season with your visitors.

We have many tickets but season tickets have a special place at Eventix. Through our system, you can quickly set up seasonal event tickets.

Now you can endure the excitement together with your fans, all season long.

Feature Seated ticketing made easy

Draw, edit and embed interactive floor plans in your ticketshop

Through our partnership with Seats.io we built the most comfortable seating engine for you to customise your reserved seating. Design your floor plan in hours, not weeks, and adapt it on the fly in minutes, even after your event has already gone on sale.

Feature Interactive ticket shopping cart

Bundle and pay all your tickets at once

We understand that your visitors might want to buy more products at once. We want them to have fun, not only at your events but also while buying the tickets. That is why we made it easy to buy more tickets at the same time with an interactive shopping cart.

The days of buying multiple tickets with multiple orders are gone, everything is now bundled and bought in one go.

Feature Integrate with Facebook

Integrated ticketing and organic growth with Facebook.

Facebook is one of the most important channels for marketing today. Most of your visitors have Facebook, and it is an excellent way to reach out to them. If people sign on with their Facebook account to order tickets from Eventix, at your Facebook fan page, exciting developments take place that could benefit you.

These applications will result in free marketing and further extend the reach of your event.

Feature Automated starting numbers

Tickets include starting numbers.

We want to win at automation. That is why we automated the assigning of the starting numbers, when someone buys a ticket their ticket is automatically numbered.

The starting number is included when an attendee buys a ticket. Easy as that.