5. How do I add my bank details?

Find out how to add your bank account number and other payment details to your Eventix account.

Once you start selling tickets, you’ll start generating revenue. In order for our system to be able to transfer you your revenue, you’ll need to fill in your bank details.

To add your bank details, follow these steps:

1. You can enter your bank details by going to your 'Dashboard', clicking on ‘Company settings’ and selecting ‘Company information’.

2. Check that all the information is correct and click on ‘Save’.

3. While you’re on this page, you can also choose a Payout frequency. If you’re unsure what payout frequencies we have available and what you prefer, you can read more here.

Ready to move on to the final step? Click here to find out to add members to your team.

If you have any questions or feedback, please contact us through the chat on the right side of your screen or by sending an email to info@eventix.io