How do I change the colours of my ticket shop?

Learn how to design and style your ticket shop using custom colours.

This guide will show you how you can change the colours in your ticket shop:

1. Go to your ‘Dashboard’ and select ‘Events’. Now, all you have to do is select which of your events you would like to personalise the ticket shop of; you can do this by clicking on ‘Edit’ beside the specific event.

2. On the left, you’ll now see five different icons. If you select the shopping cart, you’ll be able to make changes to the ticket shop. Then, click on ‘Style your shop’.

3. The ‘Brand colour’ setting adjusts the primary colour of your shop. We have a premade selection of colours that are guaranteed to work well with dark and light modes. However, you can use custom colours by entering the HEX code into the field.

4. The ‘Display settings’ allow you to show your shop in dark mode, light mode or switch dynamically depending on the user’s preferences.

The preview on the right shows a live representation of your changes, so feel free to try experimenting with different combinations! If you want to go back to the defaults, just hit the ‘Reset’ button on the bottom-left.

5. We want you to be able to make your shop as unique as possible, so we’ve included settings that allow you to edit the colouring of different elements of your ticket shop. You can access these features by selecting ‘Colours’ in the banner above.



1. The first choice here is to change the ‘Background’. The background area of the shop is mainly visible around the top, bottom and sides. Pick the colour you’d like to use.

2. The ‘Text’ of the ‘Background’ is any text (other than the Eventix logo) that appears in the background. Pick the colour you like.

3. The ‘Colour’ of the ‘Foreground’ represents the area in the middle where the tickets are listed. The foreground also includes the language switcher button, and any other area over the background. Pick your colour!

4. The ‘Text’ of the ‘Foreground’ determines the colour of any text in the foreground areas. Select your colours.

5. Once you’re happy with the colours in your shop, you can move on to the next step under the ‘Shop’ header in the banner.


1. The ‘Shopsettings’ offer you two options. The first is ‘Ask for a promotional code’, which turns the field where your ticket buyers can enter their promotional codes on or off. This setting is always on by default.

2. The second option is ‘Timeslot filters’, which will add a date and time filter to your ticket shop, allowing ticket buyers to narrow down available tickets more quickly. If you do not use time slots, you probably have no use for this.

3. The final section is the ‘Order status page’, which determines what extra options to show on the order status page. Click on it in the banner to continue.

Order status page

1. The first choice here is whether you want to add buttons linking to our trusted resellers. You can turn this option off altogether by toggling the ‘Show trusted reselling options’, or you can leave it on and select whether to show the buttons per reseller by toggling the appropriate reseller on or off.

2. Next, you can choose whether to show the date of the event in the overview by toggling ‘Show event date’ on or off.

3. Finally, pick whether or not you want to show the event’s locations in the overview by toggling ‘Show locations’ on or off.

4. The only thing left to do is hit ‘Save’ to finalise your choices.

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