Eventix - Administration

Payouts and purchase/sales invoices for organisers.

At Eventix we do our best to make administration as easy as possible, that is to say, we generate the documents that you need in order to keep records of your sales according to the tax department rules.

In the Financial menu in our Dashboard, you’ll see a tab: “payouts” and from here you can click the button “costs and benefits”.

Here you can see the documents related to the payment of the money from your ticket sales. Depending on your payout frequency (weekly, monthly, threshold) you will see the specifications of the set payouts and the money which is paid out to your account. The payment frequency and the account number can be set under company settings. Payouts have a reference in the description, so you can easily find the corresponding document.

Costs and benefits
Here you’ll find an overview of your sales (in the form of invoices or consolidations) and your purchases. The total value of your sales minus the value of your purchases equals the amount of the payment. The payouts themselves follow according to the administration. This is compiled once a month and takes place on the first Sunday evening of the month at 00:00.

You can export the information on these pages as either a PDF or an Excel file, depending on your needs.

If you have any further questions, please check out the FAQ at the bottom of this page. If your question isn’t there, feel free to contact us through the chat and we’ll gladly help you out.


Q: What is a ‘consolidation’?
A: Eventix generates receipts for visitors who buy a ticket. Those receipts must be booked by the organizer in their administration, however, depending on how many tickets are sold, there can be a lot of receipts generated in a day. Seeing as it is quite a hassle for you to collect each of them separately, we compile those receipts/invoices for you in a ‘consolidation’. Using these consolidations you can book everything from a certain period in your administration all at once.

Q: The difference between my purchase and sales invoices is not equal to the amount of my payout. Why is this?
A: Because the periods of the purchase and sales invoices and the periods of the payouts are different, the payout amount is not equal to a single sales invoice minus a single purchase invoice. This is because Eventix draws up an invoice every month, whereas an organiser sometimes wants to receive a weekly payment.

Q: How can I check if my sales invoices minus my purchase invoices are the same as what I get paid out?
A: If you would like to check whether your administration is correct, you can select an overview that spans from since you started at Eventix until now. You will see a complete list of all purchase and sales invoices. The total of these is shown at the bottom of the table and will be equal to the total of the payouts over the same period.