How do I resend a lost ticket to a visitor?

Find out how you can quickly send a ticket buyer their ticket again.

There’s always a chance that a visitor will ask you to resend their ticket(s). Visitors often lose their confirmation email, or in some cases even fill in the wrong email address. You can easily (re)send your visitors their tickets through your Dashboard.

EVENTIX TIP: Always check if the visitor actually bought a ticket in the first place. You can confirm this by asking for a screenshot of their bank statement.

How do I resend a ticket to a ticket buyer?

Go to the Dashboard and fill in the visitor’s name or email address in the ‘Search in orders’ bar. 

2. If you open the ‘company’ that the order belongs to, you'll see the name of the event beside the ticket. If you search for the visitor's name, it should pop up straight away. Make sure to double-check that you're sending the ticket to the right person. 

3. Click on the icon to the right to move on to the next step.

4. On this screen, you'll find an overview of the ticket buyer’s order and the possibility to resend the tickets. On your screen, you'll see a menu with the option ‘Edit’ and ‘View Tickets’. You can resend a ticket by clicking on 'Resend confirmation' on this menu.

EVENTIX TIP: To be sure we help a visitor in one go, we always send the ticket link to the visitor as well. By doing so, we know that even if the ticket doesn't arrive, they'll have the direct ticket link. You can do the same by copying the link when you click on 'View Tickets'.


You just (re)sent the tickets to your visitor! If you have any more questions or feedback, please let us know through the chat or by sending an email to