How do I sell tickets directly through TicketSwap?

Find out how to use TicketSwap as a primary point of sales.

TicketSwap is a marketplace for tickets and offers a platform for visitors who want to sell their ticket(s) to visitors who are looking for a ticket. TicketSwap’s mission is to sell tickets in a fair and safe manner and Eventix is one of the few ticketing platforms that support their unique Secure Swap feature. This means that when a ticket buyer resells their Eventix ticket through TicketSwap, the buyer receives a new and unique ticket. As an organiser, you don't have to do anything for this; we make sure that this goes smoothly behind the scenes.

As a TicketSwap user, you know that you’ll always pay a fair price for the tickets. They protect buyers from extortionate prices by setting a maximum sale price of 20% above the original ticket price. But because visitors are always looking for the best deal, we've developed a completely free(!) feature that plays right into this: 'Primary Sales'.

Primary Sales gives you as an organiser the opportunity to offer Eventix tickets directly on the TicketSwap platform, above all other suppliers of those same tickets. 

1. Create the event for which you want to offer tickets on TicketSwap. If you want to offer tickets for an event that you have already created or have an ongoing sale, you can skip step 1.

2. Create a new ticket shop for Ticketswap. Make sure you change the name of the ticket shop to a recognisable name, 'Event X - TicketSwap', for example. Make sure you give this new ticket shop a clear name. That way you can also see exactly who bought the ticket via Ticketswap.

3. Add the tickets you want to sell through TicketSwap. To do this, click on 'Select one or more ticket(s)' and then add the tickets for the event that will be offered on TicketSwap.

4. Make sure you only ask for the first name, last name and email address under 'Booker information'. You can’t collect more data in this way as these tickets are sold through TicketSwap and not through the usual Eventix channels.

5. Copy the link to the shop directly from the dashboard and send it to TicketSwap at

That's it! TicketSwap will then make sure that the tickets are available for purchase on the event’s page on TicketSwap. You'll also receive a confirmation from TicketSwap when it's done.

This feature does not incur any additional costs and therefore we recommend using it. TicketSwap is a platform that has a lot of online traffic and is an ideal place to reach your target audience. Because we've only just rolled out this feature, you can’t currently install tracking in the ticket shop used for TicketSwap sales. All sales information can be found in the exports you can make from the Eventix Dashboard.

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions or feedback you can reach out to us through the chat on our website or via