How do I make use of Sealed Tickets?

With sealed tickets, we give ticket sales back to the visitors and put mass ticket buyers out of business.

Together with TicketSwap, we've rolled out a great partnership that cuts off ticket resellers from your event. Sealed Tickets are tickets that can only be downloaded shortly before an event starts. A visitor can buy tickets, but they can't be downloaded yet. As soon as the tickets are ready for download, the visitor will receive an email.

For you as an organiser, Sealed tickets mean that your ticket sales are fairer. Loyal visitors of a recurring event won’t have the feeling that they’re fighting an unfair battle with resellers and scalpers. You can specify how many hours before the start of the event tickets can be downloaded, but we always recommend at least 48 hours.

If you get any questions from your visitors about this, feel free to link them to this page, which contains all the information you need to know as a visitor.

Caution! If you want to use this feature, nobody will be able to download their ticket early; no exceptions!

Let us know if you want to make use of Sealed Tickets
We can discuss together what settings you want and when you want them to take effect. You can reach us through our chat, via or via our phone number: 085 888 30 07. 

Clearly describe the event and the tickets involved. Also, consider how much time before the start of the event the tickets should be available. In order to prevent black market trade as much as possible, we recommend that you fill in a day (24 hours) here.

So what next?
After completing the form, we’ll receive notification that you want to use Sealed Tickets and will contact you if we have any questions. Of course, we’ll also send you confirmation once everything has been set up correctly and you can start selling. 

You can offer Sealed Tickets for an event that is already on sale. Please note that some visitors will have already downloaded their tickets. This can lead to confusion or a surprised look on the part of visitors, because, for example, their friends have already downloaded the tickets and they have not. This is something you want to avoid, so we don’t recommend using Sealed Tickets for an event with ongoing sales.

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions or feedback you can reach out to us through the phone, chat or via