How do I use the ticket scanner app?

Find out how to use our Eventix scan app.

Our scan app provides you with the possibility of scanning your visitors’ tickets quickly and with ease, whether they're physical or digital. You’ll be able to see which visitors have already checked in and what kind of ticket a visitor is using.

How do I use the ticket scanner app?

Go to the Eventix 'Dashboard'.

Go to 'Entrance Management' and then click on ‘Scanner logins’

3. Then select the events for which you would like to edit the logins. 

4. Click on ‘Show login’ next to the scanner name and you’ll find a username and password as well as a QR code. 

5. Use either the login details or the QR code to log in on your phone and wait until it is synchronised. 

Keep in mind that you need an internet connection to log in to the app. Once you have logged in, you no longer need an internet connection, however, we advise that you maintain a steady internet connection nonetheless. 

Now you're all set to start scanning tickets: just click ‘Scan tickets’ on your phone to scan your visitors’ tickets.

EVENTIX TIP: If one of your visitors forgets to download (or print) his or her ticket, you can retrieve their ticket by clicking on the search icon in the Dashboard

Very important:
If you're logging in on a separate day, make sure you completely log out first. To do this you should shut down the app entirely. Then re-open the app, scan the QR code and log in again. Now you're ready to scan tickets once again!

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