MailChimp - Narrow down your Audience using Tags

Find out how to separate your most loyal visitors from the rest automatically using Zapier.

If you like, you can choose to give your most loyal visitors the option to stay up-to-date when they place an order and you can use this information to send them emails regarding future events, or perhaps optional products. When visitors place an order and select the ‘Keep me updated’ option, you can use Zapier to automatically add a Tag to these visitors in MailChimp, which you can use to specifically target them in the future. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get Zapier to separate your loyal visitors from the rest of your subscribers.

How do I automatically Tag visitors who want to be kept updated?

Before we can begin you will need to follow the steps laid out in this guide to add new subscribers to MailChimp automatically.

2. Once you have completed the steps up to here, open MailChimp in your browser, login and navigate to your Audience page.

3. Click on ‘Manage Audience’ and select ‘Manage Contacts’ from the dropdown menu.

4. In the Manage Contacts menu section select ‘Tags’.

5. Next, click on ‘Create Tag’ and decide what you would like to call your first Tag. Make sure the name is clear, so you are able to quickly see what function it has. We called ours ‘Keepmeupdated’.

6. Once this is done, return to your Zapier tab.

7. Now we have a Trigger (new order) and Action (add subscriber) set up, we need to add a filter so that only users who have selected the ‘Keep me updated’ option are tagged in your subscriber list. To do so, click on ‘+ Add A Step’ and select ‘Filter’. Then, click on “Continue”.

7a. You have arrived at the "Filter setup & testing" page. In order to filter out everyone who did not toggle on the Keep me updated option, choose ‘Visitor information name’ from the first dropdown menu. In the second dropdown menu, select ‘(Text) Exactly matches’. In the final box, type the following: keepmeupdated

7b. For the second part, select ‘+ AND’. This will add an extra set of rules which must be met before a subscriber is added to your list. In the first empty dropdown box, select ‘Ordered visitor information value’ and then, in the second box select ‘(Boolean) True’. This ensures that Zapier will only add visitors to your Mailing List or Tag who have chosen to be kept informed about your upcoming events.

8. Now we have funnelled the orders through our filter, we will add a Tag to the leftovers in MailChimp, so we can quickly target them. Click on ‘+ Add a Step’ and choose MailChimp from your Apps. You are now telling Zapier to perform a second action from a single trigger.

9. Select ‘Add Subscriber to Tag’ in the dropdown-menu “Action Event” and click on ‘Continue’

10. On the next page, you will be able to select the Audience and the Tag you would like the filtered visitors to be added to. For the purposes of this guide, we’ll say that the Audience should match the one used in the first action (‘Eventix’ in our case) and you created the Tag in. For the Tag; select the one we created earlier from the dropdown menu (‘keepmeupdated’ for us). You will also need to select the email address from the order again (see below). Click ‘Continue’.

11. Now you can test the connection by clicking on “Test & Continue”. If everything went well, it should look like this:

12. Finally, click on “Turn on Zap”. Congratulations, you have automated your first Tag! Now you can easily target specific groups of visitors with your Direct Mailing.

Thanks for reading! If you have any further questions about using Zapier to add subscribers to Audiences or Tags in MailChimp, feel free to contact us through the chat in the bottom-right of your screen, or via