Why haven't I received my ticket(s) yet?

The bank is processing your payment.

If you haven’t received one or more of your purchased tickets in your inbox yet, there’s a chance that your payment is still being processed by the bank. In that case, the status page of your order will show 'Payment pending' at the top.

What does this mean? 
Your payment has not yet been fully processed by the bank, and therefore we have not yet received it. Some payment methods may take several days to be accepted. Also, your bank may need more time to verify your payment than another bank. Once the payment has been fully processed, the money will be transferred to us.

How long will it take?
How long this process takes depends entirely on the speed of your bank. In most cases, it takes a few seconds, but occasionally a few minutes. In exceptional cases, it can even take a few days to process your payment - if the payment was made outside of the bank's business hours, for example. Unfortunately, we have no influence on this process. If you have any questions about the status of your payment, we recommend contacting your bank.

Once the payment is successful, you’ll automatically receive your ticket(s) in your mailbox.

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