How can I protect my ticket buyers from ticket fraud?

Find out what steps you can take to prevent ticket fraud and scammers.

What is ticket fraud?

When it comes to online ticket fraud, ticket buyers often purchase their tickets from third parties at sky-high prices or purchase tickets for an event which later turn out to be invalid. Scammers might offer tickets on social media but don't deliver after payment. In some cases, scammers sell fake tickets or sell a single ticket multiple times. Alternatively, scammers may use stolen credit card information to purchase tickets for an event.

Please check out our help guides if you’ve bought fraudulent tickets or are a victim of credit card fraud.

What does Eventix do to prevent fraud?
To avoid fraud, we do everything we can to minimize the risk. To prevent people with the wrong intentions from using our platform, we personally contact each new user within the Eventix system.

Together with TicketSwap and Tixel, we have developed SecureSwap. When a ticket holder sells Eventix tickets through these platforms, SecureSwap ensures that the 'original' ticket is invalidated and the buyer receives a new ticket. The new ticket will include their details and a unique new QR code. SecureSwap makes fraud impossible.

We also offer our clients Closed Loop Ticketing (at no additional charge) and seal our tickets. Sealed Tickets are tickets that can only be downloaded shortly before an event starts. A ticket buyer can purchase their tickets but won’t be able to download them yet. As soon as the event's start draws closer and the tickets are ready to download, the visitor will receive an email.

What can you do to protect your ticket buyers from ticket fraud?

As an organisation, there are various steps you can take to reduce the risk of you or your ticket buyers becoming the victims of fraud.


1. It is important that you inform your ticket buyers about possible fraud. Recommend that your ticket buyers only purchase tickets through Eventix or trustworthy resale channels such as TicketSwap or Tixel. You may want to refer to this page, where you can find more information about buying tickets safely.


2. You can use Sealed Tickets. A ticket buyer can purchase their sealed tickets in advance but won’t be able to download them until shortly before the event. Once the event draws closer, the ticket buyer will receive an email telling them their tickets are available to download.


3. You can choose to make your tickets personalised. This means that each ticket will be connected to a specific person's name, and only the ticket owner will have access to the event.


4. In your event’s general terms and conditions, you can state that it is forbidden to buy a ticket to make a profit by reselling it.

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