What is the right taxation for my ticket?

This guide will show you how to correctly determine the appropriate tax percentage for your tickets.

Determining which tax rubric your event belongs in can be difficult and varies heavily depending on your locale. 

Always check your national tax website or contact your local tax office when organising an event to ensure you are in compliance with whatever tax laws may apply to your event. The ticket prices you enter in the Eventix 'Dashboard' will always include your tax percentage.

We’ll give some examples below, however, keep in mind that Eventix is based in the Netherlands and therefore these examples will be with regard to Dutch law.

What tax tariffs are there?
According to Dutch law, there are three tariffs: 0%, 9% and 21%.

You’re only permitted to adopt a tax tariff of 0% if the Belastingdienst (the Dutch national tax agency) grants you an exemption. This has to be explicitly determined in conjunction with the Belastingdienst.

This tax bracket pertains to most things that can be categorised as culture or recreation. Examples of this could be musical performances, sports events and museums. It’s very likely that your event is part of this tariff.

If you’re organising business events such as conferences or seminars, this is your tax bracket.

These percentages only apply to the tickets themselves. If you’re selling tokens for food or drinks and you also plan to sell merchandise separately, these would all be part of the 21% tax tariff.

EVENTIX TIP: Eventix is not responsible for inserting the correct tax value for your events. When in doubt, always contact the appropriate tax authorities or your accountant.

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