What are Upgraded Refund Terms?

In this guide, you can read what Upgraded Refund Terms are and how they can benefit both you and your ticket buyers.

You can activate Upgraded Refund Terms for all shops. Ticket buyers can then add Upgraded Refund Terms to their order. If a ticket buyer with Upgraded Refund Terms can't attend, they can fill in a form and request a refund. This process is separate from normal refunds and requires no input from the organiser.

Here you can read the full list of the Upgraded Refund Terms.

The Upgraded Refund Terms do not cover the cancellation of an event by the organiser.

Why is it great for organisers?

The main reason is that ticket buyers will be more likely to buy tickets. The Upgraded Refund Terms mean that a ticket buyer can request a refund if they can’t attend an event due to falling ill, an injury, or a disrupted flight, for instance. Upgraded Refund Terms ensure a higher level of trust in the purchase and ultimately lead to higher conversions.

Upgraded Refund Terms can lead to fewer chargebacks, as people who upgrade their order will be far more likely to claim through the Upgraded Refund Terms form. This feature is especially interesting if your ticket buyers predominantly pay by PayPal or credit card.

If ticket buyers request a refund when they cannot attend but do not have the upgrade, you have good grounds for rejecting the refund as an organiser.

Why is it great for ticket buyers?

It’s optional (opt-in), so they don’t have to select it if they don’t want to. It’s great for ticket buyers who are a little more careful and like to avoid unexpected risks. For example, if someone has purchased tickets to a festival abroad but is concerned about their flight being cancelled.

Where can ticket buyers claim their refund?

Once a ticket buyer has purchased Upgraded Refund Terms for their order, we’ll add an extra section to the ticket buyer’s order status page. In this section, ticket buyers can review their Upgraded Refund Terms and request a refund by filling out a form.