What is Late Personalisation?

Find out what Late Personalisation is and what the advantages are.

Normally, when ticket buyers complete their order, the person placing the order will enter their contact details before paying. To expedite the ordering process, you can now choose to have the tickets personalised after the payment. 

After the order process and payment, the ticket buyer is asked to enter their name and contact details before the tickets can be downloaded.

If the ticket buyer has bought more tickets, they can directly complete the data of the other ticket holders in their group. After personalisation, all tickets can be downloaded at once or separately per ticket.

There are two advantages to this: first of all, the ordering process is shortened, leading to higher conversions, and second, you can request the data of each ticket holder within the order. This means you will collect more data on your ticket buyers, allowing you to make more informed decisions in the future. 

You can collect data on where people live, giving you a better idea of where to target your ads for the next event. Additionally, you could check out the ratio between male, female, and non-binary ticket buyers to better understand what tone of voice to use in your next social media posts. You can also create custom questions and fields to be filled in by ticket buyers.

How do I activate Late Personalisation for my tickets?

If you would like to activate Late Personalisation for your tickets at your event, please contact our Customer Success team. You can contact us through the chat on the bottom right or by sending an email to info@eventix.io. Please specify the event(s) and ticket type(s) for which you would like to activate Late Personalisation.