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Ticket buyer terms & conditions

These terms outline the legal agreements, purchase policies, refund rules, and user responsibilities for buying tickets through our platform.

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Organiser terms & conditions

These terms outline the rules and guidelines that govern your use of Eventix, ensuring a safe, enjoyable, and seamless experience for all organisers.

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Privacy policy

Your privacy matters. Learn how we protect your data.

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Eventix's sub-processors

Eventix uses the following parties to enable our service. These are the sub-processors.

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Trusted by more than 10,000 organisations around the world.

Their innovative ticketing platform aligns perfectly with our vision for the festival, and we are excited to work together to create an unforgettable experience for our attendees.


It’s the flexibility they have to build things that are not there yet and to always look for what can be improved, no matter how small the detail. If something can't be done, Eventix will just build it themselves.


Eventix has actually made sure that we can organise all our events with different companies and that the right financial flows per company are properly handled.


The advantages for us are that we offer our loyal guests a reliable system where sales are fair and clear and our visitors don't feel like they're struggling against a secondhand market.

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