Promote and sell your Tickets online

Promote your tickets where your audience will see them, such as on your website, Facebook, Instagram or a range of other platforms.

Eventix tracker links

Use Eventix’s tracking links

You can create your own tracking links in our Dashboard. Using tracking links allows you to see exactly how many leads, clicks and sales have come out of your online marketing. Whether you’re sending an email, posting a message on Facebook or tweeting about your event, you can measure the results and analyse the success of your promotions directly in your Dashboard.

Connect marketing and analysis platforms

Google Tag Manager

GTM lets you connect all your marketing and analytics platforms to your ticket shop. We’ve already done most of the hard work for you. All you need to do is add our container to your GTM account and implement it with the platforms you want to track. Don’t worry; we’ll show you how!

Measure conversion

Once you’ve set up your GTM and connected your Facebook pixels and Google Analytics, you can start measuring your conversion from both your paid and organic Facebook posts. You can do the same for most other marketing platforms!

Ad campaigns

Using the data you’ve collected through GTM, you can decide whether or not you need to change your current campaigns or launch a new one.


If you’ve invested in ad campaigns, it helps to know how successful they were. Compare your conversions from different sources and find out what approach works best for your target audience.

Eventix marketing data
Eventix Data ownership

Data ownership

You have the freedom to manage your data, because - unlike our competitors - any data collected through Eventix is free-of-charge and yours. You decide what happens to your data.

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